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Fluid movement, visceral combat, stealth
Submitted by CytoShift — 2 days, 14 hours before the deadline

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I can confirm that it controls a lot better in this version. This time I can actually feel flow while navigating. I have no idea how you made melee so good with so little range in it *insert damaged dog noises*. Loot tends to get stuck in the walls while falling down, but you can still collect it with melee attack (10/10, nailed it).

I think this game fully deserves hand crafted levels instead of being procedural-only.

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I tried to make a video but I'm in game crash town

This happens when I try to start the game from the main menu, no matter what, using windows 10

I'll still try to post me playing through the tutorial when I'm done with this batch of videos <3


Thanks for the effort man, sorry about the crashes. I've never seen that one before and I can't reproduce it, but I'll try my heart out to fix it!


I can't put my finger on it but I can feel the changes you made from the last demoday. It plays way smoother now. You can indeed feel the juice. This is gonna be a great game, keep it up!


Uploaded a fixed build that should stop a good amount of the crashing.


For some reason it says K on the wall even though the jump button is X maybe the font is just a bit weird though.

Running through the tutorial parkour style was really fun. I liked the way enemies launched around in combat but found the short attack range difficult to use. I charged at an enemy and timed my whack to what I thought was appropriate and both of us got damaged. Felt like the safest way to play was to simply stand next to enemies until they can close enough to me to time my whack on them.  I wanted to play safe because health was scarce and dying meant restarting the level completely.

The art is beautiful and the sound fits perfectly however.


lol I'll implement the correct button things. Thanks for the feedback! Especially about how you felt trying to fight enemies.  I understand playing safe in a roguelite, but I definitely want the best way to play to be jumping around, going fast, and comboing enemies. I think the attack range is a bit short too, we'll mess around with buffing it and making sure you trade less with enemies. Thanks for the art compliments too!


Wow this is has some nice polish, that main menu is so juicy. Here are my notes

  • I paused and then unpaused, and then there was a constant metallic noise and the game slowed way down
  • I HATE having to hold down shift to run, I think running should be the default and shift should be to walk, if that's even necessary
  • Scanning robot approached me and then this error was thrown
  • I couldn't tell that the grass was ground, so I avoided it for a while thinking it was a bottomless pit. Adding more contrast might help that. Also the holes in the wall where you could ledge grab looked like their own block type, I tried to stand on them a few times. Otherwise I really liked the environment
  • Wall sliding and ledge grabbing felt good, almost like N ninja a bit. I felt like the more linear tutorial level flowed the best for this gameplay, at it's best it felt really natural

This was my first time playing this, it was really cool! Excited to see what other cool stuff you put into this, your UI was incredible


Thanks for the feedback dude! I just noticed the room end event gets called even if you leave a persistent room, so instances were just killing themselves, which is like half the errors. Thanks for the nice words, glad it feels good. I haven't played N Ninja, but I'll try to get flash installed and do it. New stuff will probably be enemies and more situations you have to think to go into, like guarded treasure rooms or something. I'll consider the sprint thing, I do want to get rid off a couple input buttons to simplify things. Thanks!