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For some reason it says K on the wall even though the jump button is X maybe the font is just a bit weird though.

Running through the tutorial parkour style was really fun. I liked the way enemies launched around in combat but found the short attack range difficult to use. I charged at an enemy and timed my whack to what I thought was appropriate and both of us got damaged. Felt like the safest way to play was to simply stand next to enemies until they can close enough to me to time my whack on them.  I wanted to play safe because health was scarce and dying meant restarting the level completely.

The art is beautiful and the sound fits perfectly however.

lol I'll implement the correct button things. Thanks for the feedback! Especially about how you felt trying to fight enemies.  I understand playing safe in a roguelite, but I definitely want the best way to play to be jumping around, going fast, and comboing enemies. I think the attack range is a bit short too, we'll mess around with buffing it and making sure you trade less with enemies. Thanks for the art compliments too!