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Interesting, it's a shame that it's an issue on the GMS side. I've also noticed that the missing scripts are usually adjacent to the duplicates in the resource tree. It seems like whatever I edit in GMEdit than makes a copy and overwrites whatever its next to. I don't know if this helps, but I thought I'd share!

First of all, I love this editor, it has improved my workflow for GMS:1 on Windows 10 significantly.

I'm having an issue, though, where sometimes my game won't compile, citing a duplicated script or that some script is missing or unknown. The duplicated scripts are usually scripts I've just been working with, while the missing scripts are usually scripts that are in the same folder or subfolder as ones I've been working with. When they disappear the gml files are still in the directory and I usually have to remake them in the IDE, copy/pasting from the editor. I don't know if you've come across this before, but it's pretty annoying.
Thank you again for working on this, your projects are incredible!

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I got it working, I just tried one more time to import using the IDE, and that worked. From there the setup took care of itself!


I'm also having trouble setting this up in GMS1, I'm getting a runtime error in the Create Event for obj_gmlive:

global variable name 'g_live_bug24929_map' index (101009) not set before reading it.
 at gml_Script_live_script_get_index (line 4) -     var l_q=g_live_bug24929_map[?l_name];
stack frame is
gml_Script_live_script_get_index (line 4)
called from - gml_Object_obj_gmlive_CreateEvent_1 (line 4) -     var q = live_script_get_index("netlog");

I had to unzip the extension myself so I'm worried I somehow missed something, any advice? Thanks!

I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback, hoping to crank up the variety even more soon!

What do you mean gameplay interactions? I haven't played the warioland games yet, I'd love to know what that entails. I see it as you having a choice of what moves you want, similar to how kirby can take different powersets. There will be incentives to at least try out everyone in the final game

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Thanks! This is just the demo to show off some enemies and mechanics, and I'm still learning level design. Longer levels to come in the future for sure. Not sure, but I think that bug you mentioned is in there by design, as it leads to a bonus room and disappears once you find it. Assuming ghosts are those masked enemies, then yes you absolutely can possess them and the monkey things!

This is a lot of fun! Your games are almost pure gameplay, and this feels good. Not sure I like that holding down left or right without space bar still activates the rocket pack though. It's useful for things like mines, but it doesn't feel exactly intuitive for other hazards. I like all of the hazards except for the double mines. Those almost made me quit, because playing those levels was just a waiting game, moving and detonating then getting out of the way. C-12 was the worst offender. I would also say that I'm fine with rooms where timing and waiting is critical, but having a second room attached to those with a high speed section that probably requires many attempts isn't fun. Those should be separate in my opinion.  C-3 killed me the most, easily 40 times, that second room is tough. Stopped at D4.

Your SFX are really good, and the music is good enough, doesn't get annoying after many repetitions, which is good. The menus are nice and the brief story threads are cute and brief, which is good. Your art is the probably the biggest drawback to this. Your game is going to have a tough time differentiating itself from helicopter flash games already, the flat shaded art isn't helping. I know it's pretty late into development, but I would experiment with the more simple and juicy aesthetic that's been popular for indies for a few years. INK is a good example. Bright, contrasting colors and simple geometry might lower the bar for what people would classify as good art for this. Just a suggestion, I really like the gameplay, keep up the constant progress!

This was really fun, though I haven't managed to win yet. It's all pretty intuitive, especially with the tutorial. There seemed to be a lot of options, and other than he art style it seemed very polished. Only issue was that I couldn't camera panning to work, but my laptop has a shitty mouse that doesn't like to click and move, so that's probably why. WASD or arrow key panning would be nice though. Good shit, Merfolk best folk

I really like the aesthetic, and I know you've gotten shit for it but I'm a big fan of the buildings becoming transparent. The environment gives me almost a spooky midwest Children of the Corn ghost town vibe. Combat was alright, I don't know if clicking to lock on does much for you, and unless the mouse is necessary for other reasons I'd probably prefer a "lock onto nearest" key and keep both hands on the keyboard. Also, I really didn't like that bullets homed in on you perfectly and went through buildings. A little homing is alright, but it felt unfair and like the only way to beat large crowds of ranged enemies was to die a lot. Then again I didn't find the frostblade until I went around again, and I'm not sure if that's just me missing it or it not showing up until the second playthrough. Probably would have made things easier. Cool game, when this has nice sound it's gonna be something especially cool

Okay, had to go back and play again, that just makes it even better. Also realized I could control where the towers aim and add upgrades this time, loads of fun. Got this error after one of the waves Great stuff

This wasteland seems pretty consecrated, don't ya think :^)))

Combat felt really good in this one. Granted, I was mostly button mashing and died a lot, but it was really satisfying to hit with a down air and feel the weight behind it. I will say that with so much screenshake and hitstop, it's pretty hard to tell when you're actually getting hit.

The art is obviously placeholder, but I feel obligated to point out that pretty much everything is mixels. Also the UI is really bad, and even for a placeholder it was really unintuitive to equip/unequip things. Plus some of the microsoft word art effects were kinda funny.

Gameplay is really feeling nice in this, and even though I'm bad at it it's fun to play. I feel like it might be time to add even just a little art to it though. Keep up the good work!

I really liked this. Procedural is cool, and it's fun to see the pathfinding work, especially when you have a giant alley of turrets and you force a crab to march back through it again by placing a wall. This is really fun, I never knew what the fourth slot did, but I thought even the 3 basic tools provided were enough to have lots of fun. With limited resources, it almost seemed like a more puzzle-y take on tower defense, I liked it a lot

I will ALWAYS be down to play a game about armor-clad knights with guns. If that's the direction this is headed then count me in. Here are my notes

  • I never knew why I was dying. I imagine that there's no animations for enemies shooting, but it really seemed random to me
  • Holding shift makes you do the run animation even when stationary
  • menu UI for tiny baby ants, and no HUD in the nightclub level
  • I really enjoyed that my reward for finishing the demo was falling endlessly into the Unity void while contemplating my choices
  • SMG felt way better than DMR
  • I could stand on corpses

Cool stuff, can't wait to see animations for enemies and more robust AI and such

Oh damn, that actually makes a lot more sense if the controller is plugged in. I'll put out a build tomorrow with an attempted fix and I'll contact you to see if it works if you're willing to try. Also wow, you really figured out how to ravage Zuff, pretty fun to watch

I've never actually played this before, so I'm getting my first look with this. First I wanna mention that the visuals are really incredible. The only thing I might say is that the repeating brown ground tile might be too busy or that a closer background layer might be nice, but you have a nice style here and everything looks good. The tops of the grass tiles especially look nice.

Controls to me felt punishing. I felt like I was moving too fast with small inputs, so it was hard to maneuver, especially on the tree with the cut off limbs. Also, because of how fast you go and how small some of your attack hitboxes are it felt too risky to jump into a bee or something and attack, because I would almost always take damage immediately after attacking. Also, while I liked the roll attack, having the bounce be so hard to control was really frustrating, especially when it wouldn't kill the enemy and forced me to redo an entire climb. Having it send you further up might feel better, definitely experiment. Also I see what youre saying about teaching the player the up kick, and while this is how I got out of the starting area, it didn't really click to me that this was a double jump, I honestly thought I'd cheesed the game with this.

This game looks and sounds really nice (I think I heard 3D audio effects?) but it feels kinda imprecise. I wish I'd been playing it all these past demo days, keep it up!

Holy shit when I first ran this I thought I needed 18 fingers to play

Not much to do in this, but the character classes in an arena fighter/shooter idea is a good one. All of there abilities need to feel like they're actually doing something. Attacks didn't feel like they connected particularly, and I couldn't tell if I was killing Green Lobsters or if they were doing it themselves. Can't wait to play it when I can choose and commit to a character, this seems like it would lend itself nicely to upgrade trees. It's a neat prototype, keep at it!

Wow this is has some nice polish, that main menu is so juicy. Here are my notes

  • I paused and then unpaused, and then there was a constant metallic noise and the game slowed way down
  • I HATE having to hold down shift to run, I think running should be the default and shift should be to walk, if that's even necessary
  • Scanning robot approached me and then this error was thrown
  • I couldn't tell that the grass was ground, so I avoided it for a while thinking it was a bottomless pit. Adding more contrast might help that. Also the holes in the wall where you could ledge grab looked like their own block type, I tried to stand on them a few times. Otherwise I really liked the environment
  • Wall sliding and ledge grabbing felt good, almost like N ninja a bit. I felt like the more linear tutorial level flowed the best for this gameplay, at it's best it felt really natural

This was my first time playing this, it was really cool! Excited to see what other cool stuff you put into this, your UI was incredible

Played on my laptop which has terrible input, so I couldn't move and quickly fire a shot if necessary, so I had to set up every shot carefully. From that perspective it's a cool puzzle game. Faster player movement would be nice, and like others have said the bullet can bounce strangely, more than a few times it came right back to me even though I shot it at an angle. Once it went straight through a wall. It's got that flash game fun factor

Thanks for playing. First of all, that bug report is really weird, as it's saying that the variable isn't defined, but it's in the script that defines it, and is at line 0. Do you have any more context as to what you were doing, I don't have trouble with riding the cloud and I can't seem to replicate it

As for Norm, the clap attack also has a long range shockwave componenet that is unfortunately invisible in this demo, as I didn't have time to make it yet. But I should look into ways to make the clap itself more viable, it's quite powerful. Those other things I'll fix up asap, thanks again!


The vulnerable state in the boss is that he can hit himself with lightning during the part where the cloud tracks you. I didn't include a hint because I didn't know how without treating the player like a baby, but it's good to know that it is actually hard to figure out. My goal is that every boss is beatable (even if it's hard) if you start as Whimp, so I'll work on making those options clear.

Thanks for your feedback!


Sorry that you had such a rough experience with it, I've updated it so that it no longer crashes and many of the bugs are sorted out. This feedback was really helpful as none of it showed up on my machine, so without you I wouldn't have known.


Fixed as many of these as I can (I need to do sound design but I'm pretty lost!). I'll play around with eliminating walking and seeing how it feels. I'm glad you liked the music!


I'm glad you liked the boss and that mechanic, I need it to ensure that you can't instakill every enemy. From what I've seen people are getting it pretty intuitively, which is good. And I've seen that at my end, I'll probably have to refactor my slopes a bit. Thanks for the feedback!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Excited for real levels!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Cool stuff, there's a lot of progress packed in here!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Rough but with a lot that just needs polish, excited for more!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Cool vibe and aesthetic here

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Fun mechanics here to be improved upon!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Great atmosphere!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Really impressive immersion!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Lots of fun, great art!

My shitty laptop can't run it well, but it looked really pretty at the 4 frames a second it ran at. Models and environment seemed really nice

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Like everyone has been saying, fantastic!

Left feedback here, look for your game:

This spooked the shit out of me, can't wait for more art

Left some feedback here, look for your game:

Left some feedback here, look for your game:

Cool atmosphere in this one!

Left some feedback here, look for your game:

This seems like it could release soon, excited for that!

Left some feedback here, look for your game:

It crashed when I launched, you can find the full error here, look for your game:

I see you making steady progress on tumblr, so Im excited to play your next demo with all its improvements

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Loved this game

I left feedback here, look for your game:

I wish I could have gotten online with someone, but I liked jumping around, it was fun!