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I didn't mean to complain about the health bar, I just wanted to mention that it's a good design that you can avoid all damage, so you can keep playing even with ~1hp.

Definetely my fav of this DD. This dashing is sexy, because it makes it play like Doom on steroids. It might be a bit OP but in the end it comes down to enemy design. The game is easy to pick up and it feels responsive, without input delay especially on mouse. I love how you can deflect grenades or open safes by shooting. Each encounter can be brutal if you don't pay attention, but even with so little health you can't see your bar, you can still keep going. It needs something more to mix things up in level design, like weapons to pick up, so you can improvise along the way. I managed this by jumping into falling rocks.

There is an enemy that can make you fat, which will make you go slower and unable to jump, but you can break blocks under you. You can also turn into a spring after getting hit by another enemy. Things like that make enemies more interesting, and also allows you to solve puzzles or just move through the map. Paired with your concept it could add another layer of depth, but since you are going for simple platforming it would probably break the pacing instead.

I can confirm that it controls a lot better in this version. This time I can actually feel flow while navigating. I have no idea how you made melee so good with so little range in it *insert damaged dog noises*. Loot tends to get stuck in the walls while falling down, but you can still collect it with melee attack (10/10, nailed it).

I think this game fully deserves hand crafted levels instead of being procedural-only.

It's pretty good. Gameplay is actually intuitive and I feel like I'm playing it right from the get go.

Except for thrusts, normal attacks are sluggish, to the point they are not worth it over heavy attacks. Dashing is underwhelming (maybe it's the visuals, somehow looks like slowing down), though it's the other way around in platforming sections. The moveset overall is sweet, like uppercut space program or spinning jump attack. I can't wait to see player fully animated.

Too hard for me. You have some amazing mechanics, but because the stage has a lot of going on in it right after tutorial, paired with rapidly rising difficulty, player doesn't get to learn those properly. You could make a whole stage around pebble kicking alone just because of how many uses there are.

Controls are fine, but maybe too fast considering enemy and spike density.

I like it! Making all those enemies control well and stay balanced must be a lot of work. Though, there is rarely any incentive to actually possess something different other than curiosity. Are there any interesting gameplay interactions between characters? I can see it work similar to warioland games.

I can see improvements since last demo, now you can't just spam you light attack and get away with it. Spear attack followed by dashing back is too OP though. Dodging attacks works and feels really well. The problem is that there is barely any indication that player receives damage, so you have no feedback that your dodge timing or spacing is bad.

Charged rapier attack is fun, but it feels like it's lacking in range when compared to the animation.

I also started the game while still listening to SMT soundtrack, and had a blast. Good job, dude.

It crashes for me while casting Dungeon Scroll on the locked door. Tried two times to be sure, happened in both cases.