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A jam submission

Engine progress demoView game page

Posting progress of what my engine can make
Submitted by IllusionMan1212 — 5 days, 21 hours before the deadline
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Engine progress demo's page

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damn this chick runs slow, work those stumpy little legs.

Only shader I can notice the effect of is a lighting shader? Looks fine but the texture is so simple it's hard to say more than that.

Nice start to an engine!


Works fine this time. Can't tell much about shaders, but the floor had a nice subtle specular if I'm seeing it right.


All working! The camera "shake" when walking or running is a bit odd. Looking forward to being able to jumpy jump


It now works out of the box on my system. It runs smooth, looks pretty good too. You got a pretty cool engine cooking up buddy.


Glad to hear it. I got a vague idea for a game I wanna make so maybe next progress day I'll have something that's actually playable.


Same problem with the font as below.

Does odin work with absolute paths to the point of embedding them into code, or something?


I was being retarded and using absolute paths instead of relative ones. Uploaded new versions for both win and linux. Should work now


Hello fellow Odinchad, sadly I could get your engine to run on linux. It fails to load the mesh shader, without really telling why. It also fail to create the font shader and load the font file. I understand for the font file because it tries to find it at an absolute path which is on your desktop. I tried to recreate the path and install the required font there but it still doesn't work for some reason. 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

All paths were absolute so all shaders and fonts will fail to load. Uploaded newer build that should work now.


Controls are:-
F11 -> Toggle fullscreen
ESC -> Quit
W | Left Stick Forward -> Move
A | Left Stick Left -> Turn Left
D | Left Stick Right -> Turn Right
Shift | X Button on PS | A Button on Xbox -> Run

Supported controllers are PS3, PS4, XBox, Switch Pro controllers, feel free to hotplug and disconnect and try different controllers, I wanna see if there's any crashes with that. Feedback on shaders is welcome.