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A jam submission

Urban TycoonsView game page

A business tycoon game
Submitted by pariatech — 5 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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It’s nicely smooth

Encountered a crash, tried to reproduce it with console open but no luck.

>I have no idea what trimming does, to me it looks the same as leveling. 

Seconding this


Sweet! Thanks

Yeah sometime it crashes because there's still a bug lurking somewhere in the quadtree behind the terrain. 

The way trimming is suppose to work is that it allow to select an area like in the leveling tool but instead of changing the height of all the points (LOWER and HIGHER) to the height of the point you started the selection from. It just bring the points HIGHER than the point down to it. So let's say you create two hills and want to turn them into plateaus you can use the trimming tool, click on a point of the height you want the plateaus to be at. Drag over the two hills and release the click. 

But I'm thinking of changing it by using the AOBdev idea of clicking and move the point up or down with the mouse. So that with the levelling / trimming tool, you will just click and drag a selection, release, move it up or down using the mouse, and finally click to lock in the modification. Hopefully that will be a better system. 

Having people play your game makes you realize that you "intuitive" controls weren't that intuitive lol. 


On my windows machine it just works

Would like the ability to create big holes as well as pyramids. 



When I raise the ground it raises the roof the building, much like a good party.


Damn, anisotropic filtering does a great job here. The shading looks nice, though I miss the old shadow casting. Terrain editing seems more limited now, but that's even better for landscaping purposes.

The standard left/right click feels underwhelming, instead of working like a brush it would be better to snap the shovel in place and allow user to adjust the terrain by dragging up/down. I have no idea what trimming does, to me it looks the same as leveling. I'm not sure how to use shift + control thing.  You can make the selection stay indefinitely by releasing mouse and shift at the right order. Standard left/right click doesn't recalculate normals.

While unzipping on windows there's a conflict of test.png and Test.png file. I get a crash after fucking around too much:

/odin-urban-tycoons/src/quadtree.odin(312:28) Index 27 is out of range 0..<27

Other than that it looks and works perfectly fine. Still can't wait for wall editing.


Cool stuff. Tried to see the end of the terrain but I guess it's infinite? which is cool. V-Sync or limiting frames would be nice though cause CPU usages is a bit high with uncapped frames, otherwise, very nice