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Take 1 (browser) -- Take 2 (wine) -- Take 3 (windows)

I like walking around and exploring. Currently there are many dead ends, I hope it doesn’t remain like that. The music design I enjoyed very much, the voice acting mostly does not appeal to me, perhaps these metaphysical entities could sound less human-like?

The writing is very dense and seems to not make sense, but with time you understand some pieces of it. I wish there were still some people to talk to around, like the guy in that one earlier demo.

The shaders may be a bit over the top, things are very chaotic from up close. Or maybe use different approaches in different locations? I was very sad about the low view distance in many places. I guess it’s a technical limitation.

Fighting is apparently no longer possible (still advertised in the controls), but the tank-style movement remains default. Doesn’t make sense, or? It hurts when trying to interact with the portal-statues, because often the "Open" prompt shows up only once you’re in a weird angle. I think the range on that "Open" should be higher in general. It’s also unfortunate that many statues cannot be "Opened" at all. Normally in a game you would expect consistent behaviour on this, idk, maybe you can get away with the confusion since it’s a confusing game to begin with.

Having to hold Shift the entire time is stupid, remove running it or make it a toggle imo. For the atmosphere, going slow is better, but if you are "playing" this like a game you want to always run.

Happy to see this growing, you put in some amazing places. Keep up the grind, flesh out this tale of Mongol’s.

Seems I got huge skill issues on this one. I must say I have a hard time understanding how the controls would appeal to anyone. They are certainly novel. But how is it interesting fighting monsters with worse controls than usual? Idk. It would help if you could see the Knight’s current direction on the sprite itself, like in 2D car games with arrow steering.

For controlling both the blade and the movement at the same time, my brain is definitely not fit, so I chose to just keep E pressed and focus on moving somehow sensibly.

The game lagged quite a bit at times, maybe due to all those exceptions I saw in the console. You can see some other small bugs in the stream, too.

Writing was straight-forward, almost not cringe imo.

I think there’s potential for a fun lil game, but from my point of view you need to find a way to make these controls actually fun not just different.

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Thank you for the feedback! It’s very valuable to get input from those actually interested in the genre…

>the units seem very random and have nothing to do with each other

Yeah… It was [is] definitely the vision to have a cool individual flavour for each faction. I just lack the resources.

>Can you just spam buildings forever?

Yes. The cost is that normal unit production gets paused while building.

>you want the player to go out on the map early and engage in smaller fights

Invasion Mode is strongly about roaming and controlling the map, right from the start. Conquest is more laid back; you can tryhard if you want and go out early to collect trinkets, to get stronger units faster.

>There was something wrong with my minimap, not sure why. It split into three

The map isometrically wraps around at its borders. So everything is on the square minimap twice. I get many reports of this supposed bug, probably should make it opt-in.

>Would also be nice to be able to queue unit commands.

Shift+Rightclick should work. You got another kind of queue in mind?

>There were no rally points as far as I could tell?

Just select a spawning circle and give it an order; it will be used as rally point / rally command. You can also hit CTRL+Space to select all your spawners, so you can set a rally point for everything at once.

Ty again. Hope I can eventually deliver sth. you might enjoy



Your characters are wonderful and your writing is great. It hits precisely the "videogame style." Graphics in the 'illustrated' scenes are sweet. The game flow felt professional.

In terms of game-play, I was disappointed. From the first battles and the game title, I started with the impression that this is a kinda fun approach to turn-based RPG combat. And I really think it has huge potential. But increasingly it became clear in the game that the only party you will ever control are these 3 characters, with their 2 special moves each and that is it. In any sort of monster-collector type game, or at least Darkest Dungeons type, I would be hyped about AG’s combat system. But the outlook of using this one fixed party through the whole game is rather dreadfully boring tbh desu.

I’ve collected these other notes on game-play:

- Imho you should either have multi-tiered perks, and everything cost just 1 point, or nothing but singleton perks, that may come in different costs. Your mixture of different costs + different amount of tiers is annoying.

- Idk why special moves are 2 clicks away. There is enough space to list them straight-up.

- First time I visit a store, I leave, come back, inventory has changed. Also when I bought something and left and came back, the inventory was restocked. If these are intended, the restock should just happen immediately.

- 3v1 situations are boring to finish off, many RPGs have an "Autofight" button for this. Imho in your setting it would be fitting for the remaining enemy to just give up / run away.

- Enemy positions are very irrelevant, right? So the character movement is just a glorified recharge bar? [Flavour-wise, this running back and forth makes no sense.] Maybe combat could be better/deeper, if everything was much related to position. Idk.

- In many RPGs, you largely fight weaker enemies. You may even grind them as long as you like for XP, "make you own difficulty" as Horbror put it. In AG, every battle is decisive. But the battles are in teams, and there is terrain-supplied RNG. That means you can die to the enemy getting lucky, and the AI choosing (randomly, I guess) to focus down one of your chars.

- I missed the trinkets for a while it seems. Don’t know if I missed an explanation. I saw a message "new trinkets unlocked" briefly, but needed another 30 minutes until I understood what that meant.

- Very surprised that losing a battle is just game over. After all the talk about the eternal afterlife tournaments and all.

Eventually, my savegame was bricked by a bad item. First, some shopkeeper wouldn’t sell to me (angry reaction) though I had one slot open; afterwards when I clicked Items in battle, the game would segfault. I can give you the savefile and coredumps if needed. Find me in the Hypercoven discord. ;)


I did try holding the jump button - that one animal said I should. But it did nothing! [Trying it again now.] I mean, I guess it makes you jump a little bit higher than tapping? I would say, it’s a bit much to have both this mechanic and double-jump in the game. But I don’t feel I was held back by not using this consciously. I’m just not very good at this kind of game maybe? But I did enjoy it.

You could consider making different player characters in this game, with a bit different movesets and physics each. So you can add even more special moves, but complexity stays capped. It would also be fun trying to beat levels with characters other than the intended one.

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Never played another flight game, so may have been me being stupid (OK, I played Batty Vamps)

Could not figure out how to "turn around" when in the air, in any capacity. I suspect it is intentional, because the screen said "CRITICAL ANGLE" in these cases. No clue how to see it on the model or work around it, though. I did not even manage to land, in order to turn around, without taking a lot of damage. So I am not sure what flight is for, at all, as it will mostly just make me lose control of my mech and dealing a lot of damage to me.

Not sure how to defeat enough enemies to beat the demo. I got one, the number of remaining targets decreased from 6 to 4.

The mech model is nice.

As a connoisseur of europoor games Teeworlds and Trackmania, I can enjoy this.

You obviously got the graphics/programming skills to pay the bills. I’ll just list some thoughts I had, idk what your vision is, maybe some is helpful.

- Breaking a target while standing on floor not giving a boost feels quite punishing. I learned eventually that I can easily initialize a jump while still holding LMB.

- In general I felt I gained a lot of time by holding LMB as long as possible. Idk if it was just because my line-ups ended up being better. My instinct in this game was to go ASAP always, even when time is slowed by LMB. But I think it’s wrong.

- Walljumping is slower / clunky / less fun than the other movement methods to me.

- Sliding is cool but also some kind of 'additional' thing you are just tasked to do. I was thinking it could be replaced with an icy surface.

- Not seeing the mouse, and it being inverted (?) is hard to get used to. I would just show it.

- Got a couple nice yeets, also "thx for playing" showed up only very briefly the first time I beat the final level.

In general the levels felt very hard. It was fun to learn them in this demo, but for a full game I believe it would be better to copy Trackmania’s system with medals and also leaderboards. The times required to beat the demo levels felt what would be the "author medal" or at least gold in Trackmania.

If you add a level editor and more gimmicks, ’tis a very solid racing game.

The camera is very sensitive, the graphics are sorta glitched - but the most important thing works, the crab is climbing. Only climbing headover felt unintuitive, needing to switch from W to S exactly at the top.

If you made this on raw GL - huge props.

>do you mean how D2 sends you back to town?

Yeah. The important point imho that your HP get refilled, so you don’t get stuck in a save where you got 1 hp, trying to cheese it out. Some titles make you do a corpse-run to offset the gain, or you lose some XP, or mobs respawn.. I think in ToK what would work well is resetting both player level and current tower level. But keeping the gear.

>was that something you feel like you'd use?

Wanted it for the atmosphere.

>how does this work? i figured if you have  always attack without moving, you'd need to use something other than left-mouse to move.

Yep. You can bind most actions to mouse buttons, and all actions to hotkeys. What most players do is putting forced-walk on LB and their primary skill on RB, other skills and potions on 1-4 and qwer. (Realistically speaking, the game is geared towards using a single active attack skill, unlike ToK.) They also made a change at some point giving even melee attacks a little "splash"  - hence it’s easy to hit enemies even if you just "always attack without moving" into their general direction.

Btw I had some issues casting the Triple-Strike attack, it seemed to have strict requirements on the enemy position, or so. I felt I sometimes lost so much time to it not triggering that the DPS increase was offset completely. Also it could visually stand out more. But it’s a fun skill to use.

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First shot (tired)

Second shot (caffeinated)

I would describe this game as:

"Enter the Gungeon" but you start with all weapons unlocked except there are really complicated hotkeys to activate them. For example, to get my recommended weapon, you need to press TAB-1-5-5. When you are hit by a status effect, you need to press TAB-1-3-3-E, wait a bit, press E again. Also there are exploding barrels EVERYWHERE. Enemies are all orbs, many of them bullshit orbs that seek you out and explode, or otherwise explode on death.

So your game, in the first level, is already thrice as complicated as EtG:

- Gunplay/movement alone is more complex with all the barrels

- Status effects you have to clear from yourself

- Switching weapons is a minigame

Getting to the second level rewards you with: More of the same. I think the individual aspects are honestly fine (maybe fun), but it would really help if you focused on one gimmick alone. At least at the start. For all I care, have the final levels be super complex (like the first one is now). But for the first ones, honestly, my wish and expectation would be that there are e.g. some rats, and I should use fire/poison to kill them, and then some robots, and I should use electro to kill them. And these enemies alone be simpler than the first enemies you encounter in EtG.

It also feels very unrewarding right now to combo elements. The mental effort of e.g. first drenching and then electrocuting enemies... and then it does a puny 8 damage… I suppose it does more damage if I stack the elements higher; but the game really makes you hate stacking 3x-4x because then it takes like 4 seconds until you can shoot again. I suspect the stacking better be removed completely (or limited to 2x). And going drench->electro should INSTAGIB on the first level, else it’s ridiculously not worth the effort.


- Zip comes with "DoNotShip" folder (Linux)

- Game crashed my GPU at first because framerate uncapped by default

- Killed orbs often look a lot like alive orbs because of the ''ragdoll'' effect

- The game is called Alchemickal but apparently we do not care about all the random colourful flasks lying around

- At first I thought you were supposed to clear current chemicals by activating the counter-chem. (Would only fit the overall complexity of this game.) Then I got stuck with two tier-3 chems, no clue how to clear them, can take one (very weak) shot every 5 seconds. You can see I figured it out after like a minute.

- Why do I want to kill the boss? Apparently it is not guarding the portal.

- Enemies on spawn become vulnerable too late

- The chests are a joke. I get a couple healing orbs (not even full health) when I can infinitely heal myself? No clue what scrap is for. At least make the chests always heal you to full; or put something actually exciting in them and let me do the healing myself.

- Can’t dash through enemies, but can oddly push them away by running against them (pristine unity slop)

Keep up the grind. Honestly the base idea with mixing the Chems is nice - it needs a lot more breathing room.

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Started new runs

At first I fell into my previous style of play, then I thought, let’s go 2-handers for a change and started another char. It occurred to me that a shared stash would be "nice." Might make the game a bit too easy. Perhaps some price to pay for transferring items between chars?

Stopped playing when I got "stuck" in some savescumming loop. Previously I had played Iron Man, this time I tried normal. I think the traditional ARPG save system is much better than yours. I mean, even when I try really hard to discipline myself to not save-scum … it just happens. I felt what was especially dumb is that I got to kill some minibosses repeatedly, and ofc. when I got the loot I needed I was quick to do another save… if you insist on keeping this system, at least add a quicksave button already :P


- No way to turn off enemy highlight (outline) completely?

- The first chest pieces I found needed INT of all stats. It felt that often the pieces with more Armor needed INT. Unusual.

- The binding for Right-Click sometimes changes when swapping weapons, sometimes does not. My preference, having played bunch of PoE, would really be for it to always change. Basically save an individual action load-out per weapon load-out. By the way it’s very nice how swapping between two weapon sets is encouraged in this game.

- I bind forced-walk to W in ARPG, if possible. Would be cool if you could support that.

- I still haven’t a grasp on all the character stats. It’s weird that there are both DEX and AGI and both INT and MIND.

- I loaded a save from January for fun just now and ofc. it’s completely broken. (Plain char on blue background, can’t do anything not even open menu.) I would expect the game to pick up this save at all.

- Faceless in stealth have no outline, implying they cannot be hit. But I felt eventually that a good strat was to hit (with shift) into them when they were still stealthed (?) Idk if it really works or I was just imagining things. If it’s intended imho that is quite a bit to ask from players on only the third (second) level of the tower. Shift-atk is really clunky (and hurts the pinkie), I would expect all casual players (so 90%) to never use it. PoE solved this by having the "always attack without moving" option to set on actions.


Tried it in wine targeting Windows 7 and 8, also stuck after first dialogue)

I guess I understood the game well enough. At least I had no problems following the Advisor. I will leave some more thoughts, idk if you care to hear such feedback at this stage, anyhow…

Imho the UI is cool and impressive on concept level. But the appearance is too unappealing for me. I wouldn’t be motivated to spend hours actually playing this game. The font is hard too read, icons are small and ugly.

In terms of gameplay, I relate this game to Cultist Simulator, but I think it’s worse. There is too much (fake) depth - when a game has an "Auto" button for stuff it’s already over for me. I want things to either matter enough that it’s worth my time to do manual decision. Or be completely Automatic and I influence on higher level e.g. what gear I acquire for my guild. In this way I like how consumables are just assigned to the raid in general, not to individual heroes. Speaking of heroes, it was unclear to me to what extent they have pre-assigned roles or classes. It seems they got some individual skills, but the combination appears to be random(?) Then there are like 6 numeric meta-stats. Do I care? Finally, in a management game called "Heroes for Hire" I would have expected to spend a lot of time hiring heroes, but it seems the title it meant the other way around: My own heroes are for hire somewhat. (Though so far I did just raids and traded a few items, didn’t really get hired.)

I did not understand what shifts are. I did not understand why my tired heroes sometimes didn’t sleep. Sent them to sleep manually. I don’t know if it even matters - the Advisor didn’t talk to me about sleep. The Advisor sometimes blinked too much / too annoyingly. Clicking the "Craft" wrench button next to recipes sometimes didn’t work (for recipes made from other crafted material). All the drag&drop gets tedious after a while, would be nice if plain clicks also worked, where applicable.

OK seems where I got stuck last times was just not recognizing a certain door for a door (took it for 2 stacked boxes)

Being able to remap keys really helped, as I was more easily able to spam my 'interact' key of choice.

In my personal opinion, the strength of this game is in the dialogues and the artwork. The combat is rote. The puzzle approach to combat, having to first gather enough strength to wield the sword, is promising. However, one should then one-shot or two-shot the goblins. Still having to hit 5 or what times with these clunky controls is harsh. It is annoying that you can’t attack while walking up somewhere. I did not look forward to killing all ~10 goblins in the level. Fortunately it turned out that that isn’t the goal, even though it’s implied in the beginning.

Footage, featuring a bunch of bugs I didn’t mention here:

Played some while feeling too stupid to play anything else

Compared to last time I played, I noticed that the jump is more powerful. Probably a good change, feels more FUN.

The starting area somehow has a wizard now where you can immediately turn sth. in (even though it appears you got nothing). Imho the old starting grounds felt more sovlful, as it lay in ruins. But the new one is easier, more straight-forward; which is probably good. Flavourwise I think the whole stuff with the wizard makes no sense.

I don’t like the appearance of the backpack and really wished I could remove it; I think it also makes it harder to see your current jump charge-up.

Jumping while looking at your hands is a bit bugged.

Quick topping the leaderboard

I noticed

- at one point in the tutorial it seems I clicked (placed) through the menu

- tutorial doesn’t convey the point (or anti-point) of raptor flight; that level would be the same without flight

- the 'stalemate' level in tutorial is unclear, I was thinking at first I have to take out the two specific animals (that are present at start), then thought I have to take out *all* animals of that kind -- in the end it was simply that I needed to take the specific intended line

- sometimes annoying having to wait for animation until you can take next action

- thunderstorm can clear grass, idk if that’s intended, gave a lot more breathing room once I had noticed

In general, I feel that the balance between placement actions and other actions is off. The game concept on top level implies that it’s like Tetris with animals, let’s say. But in reality half the actions are "weird" meta-actions that interrupt the flow a bit. Because whenever I get one of those "turning" actions, I don’t want to waste it, so I consider a lot whether it’s useful anywhere. Often it’s really not useful at all. The impact is usually much lower than placement actions, yet the thought process is more complicated. But it does feel good landing an impactful turnaround, and obviously the action is somewhat needed for animals not to get stuck in corners. So I’m thinking one thing to try is maybe have the turnarounds be a separate queue, or an 'inventory' where actions are unlocked via scoring and then expire after a while or so. The death action also feels off, because it’s so immediate. Maybe it could also be sth. you place on the map and that has impact only eventually, playing with the chaining?

Kek, ty. What do you hate about the launcher? Appearance, layout, it being there at all?

Funny game. The random size changes of blocks make this an extremely janky experience.

It is possible to spam the leaderboards with one and the same score by going back and forth (end of video)

Clean little game. I like how 'forgiving' it is with keeping some of the progress on dying. Also you got the keybinds correctly localised. Huge plus. Only consider that ISO has an additional key between shift and Z. Only real complaint I can give is that some hit boxes felt incorrect.

>did you try adjusting it in the option's menu?

I did not.

(1 edit)

Ah, sweet auto-attack. I was confused as to how it works at first - the pointer should not disappear after hitting T, but start jumping up and down or so. Moving diagonally "stutters"


The game was really fast on default settings - either it’s skill issue on my part, or speed scales with render refresh rate (144 Hz). Eventually I understood that higher values for speed make it go SLOWER (yeah, same in Hypercoven) and I was able to play at what seemed like a good standard experience on Normal + Speed 5 or so.

Gameplay is a fun experiment. Being able to control drop spot by just clicking is a very neat touch. Easy felt basically unloseable, made me think that the reverse concept could also be interesting, try to fill up some screen or level trying to not get your rows cleared.

Moving the tank feels good and intuitive. I think this is what counts most at this stage. The following a list of stuff that really annoyed me.

- Idk why Godot devs insist on shipping their demos in small non-resizable windows. In your case it was especially bad because it probably caused some of the issues below.

- I presume shots are fired in some sort of arc. At least I missed many direct shots. I was not able to see WHY I missed, though. Meaning I would have liked to have some visual feedback on where the shot went (instead of hitting the target), some smoke in the air, or seeing the actual projectile (like rockets in q3) - but I couldn’t see anything.

- Mouse sensitity is really damned high. I could only move the turret with accuracy when I used both V+RightClick. I set my mouse to absolute lowest DPI and the sensitivity still felt way too high.

- Zoom felt kinda pointless in terms giving more vision, but I guess it will depend on the weapon?


Disclaimer: I have never played another tank game.

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Thank you for trying the game. I see I still have too many words in it.

Were the technical difficulties on stream just due to the streaming software? (What was the setup?)

Nop, just fails to load those in that case. I will play later on a setup that has Steam installed, please dont steal my account desu

It needs steam installed - tries to load ~/.steam/sdk64/ on Linux

(1 edit)

- New game mode "Invasion"

- Online scoreboards incl. replays (native version only)

The game:

The dream would be graphics in the ’95-2000 isometric RTS style. Currently it’s just sprites bought from all over, I love them, but they don’t fit together. I am looking for somebody that would overhaul the complete graphics such that they become a cohesive whole.

Closest to my vision would be those garbage heaps in the top right made by PVGames.

The obvious approach to an overhaul is making it all from scratch, but this would take a lot of work, as there are more than 50 units in the game, plus the tilesets, and so on. So an alternative would be to buy on marketplaces 3D models that are already animated, and render them to spritesheets with a fitting procedure.

I believe the game, if it looked good, has the potential to make money. So there can be money involved with this collaboration. All details TBD. You can talk to me on Discord - "filmst4rs"


(3 edits)

Highly strategic game-play. Every base on the map produces different units. Which does your army need most?

  • Absolute carnage. Hone your RTS skills in randomised solo modes and online multiplayer.
  • Conquest Mode: Go at your own pace, get to know the game
  • Survival Mode: Super heavy on multi-tasking, clear the Invasion Gates, expand your empire, defend your King!
  • Make your own game in multiplayer – create maps that have only the units you love.
  • Streamlined macro. Automatic unit production, no workers. Construct buildings to upgrade your troops
  • Mind-warping geometry: The map wraps around at the edges
  • … and more.

If you try it, I would be happy to watch your replays if you dump them here.

Cheers, gl & hf

Ah, turns out the Rust programming language as a whole has dropped support for Windows versions earlier than 10.

So I guess the other versions won’t work either. Too bad.

Thanks for trying my game. You’re echoing a bunch of my own thoughts…

Amount of unclarity will be reduced, in some way or other.

Thank you for coming back and the input. I think the current sp game mode is kind of intentionally dumb, I have a very ambitious and stressful mp design (no one plays it) - the "Conquest" game mode I wanted to be a stress-free counterpart for just getting to know the units and dabbling around… I am now aware that there is interest in ~somewhat~ challenging solo RTS gameplay. Maybe I’ll cobble something together, could be fun.

Thank you for playing so long and listing all the bugs and feedback.

Gotta find some way to pace the learning curve better.

Thank you, blorb.

I would also caution that even the most normal, "by-the-book" RTS is probably an uphill battle to get people to understand and enjoy, so the weirder you get the higher the filtering potential.

Yeah, in my boomer mind RTS was still a popular genre when I started work on this. It is what it is, now. 

Hey there, thank you for playing and making the video.

You skipped reading half the text on screen, which might have helped make things clearer. But it’s understandable - reading is boring.

Indeed the point of the current game mode is just to destroy (and capture) stuff. If you like RTS, you just get a kinda randomized, replayable, slightly dumb RTS experience out of it.

(2 edits)

Ah, wrote the first response before watching the video.

Shame about the Windows version not working, and the stutters. It runs fine on my machines, but they are quite strong and I mostly test the native versions. Wasm32 by itself is probably already slower on the pathfinding code. What makes it even worse is that the web version has rendering and logic code on the same thread, and rendering in the browser takes about 10x as much CPU compared to native.

If you have the time, could you download HyperCoven and Sdlcoven and test if they run natively on your Windows version? - You will have to run hcv.exe directly, the launcher is the same in all cases. - It would help me decide which version to focus on. The FrontierCoven build is actually no longer using SDL at all, but some bleeding edge hipster libraries.

Yes – if you look at my video, I use that mechanic quite often.

But if *all* columns are overfilled, the colour matching mechanic can only do anything with the additional task orbs. I mean, sure, one simply shouldn’t overfill every single column. But that’s very dissimilar to Tetris. At that point I would rather just make it automatically Game Over to have all columns in the red, rather than making player go through 30 more blocks with the hope of getting abnormally lucky.

Tried it on Linux, seemed to work well enough. Did not see any explanation about the controls, but figured them out, I presume.

Mood is very nice. That little corner shop…

When rolling through the doorway with right timing, it is as if it keeps sucking you in on the other side, you cannot walk away from it. You have to briefly let go and let it suck you to the position it wants. You can see me reproducing it at the end of the recording.

Cheers, looking forward to content

Drove a few very serious rounds. Still enjoy it.

The voice telling you where to go (?) is annoying, I would prefer an onscreen minimap.

Backspace for rewind is kind of an unfortunate binding when playing mouse+kb, as one hand has to be taken off its usual place. I personally would like Mouse4, but not everyone has that button, so perhaps F for rewind?


Did a few (bad) runs.

The new intermediate stage is very flavourful.

Sight range is very low in this game. Or only some stages? Would be more fun if there was no fog at all.