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Thanks for trying the game. Yeah I haven't taken into consideration DPI. I'll fix that for the next progress day. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for trying the game!

Sadly there's no log file for this release. Quite the oversight on my part.

Thanks for trying it anyway. There's alot of reasons why it doesn't run. I'm using a recent version of OpenGL so if your PC is too old maybe it doesn't support it. Or the version of GLFW I'm using could also not be supporting Win7. I don't have a win7 machine laying around to test it on, and let's say win7 support is not in my list of priorities.

And I bow to the artists of Aggiedaggie.
I owe you one for reviving and cheerleading /gedg/. Ngl but the general is why I kept at it, if only you saw the size of my dead projects graveyard...

Thanks for the kind words!

For context it's being ages since I played a mech game. I'm talking MechWarrior 3 or 4 ago. I'm that old.

I had a blast playing the arcade mode. The movement and shooting is great. I also kind of cheesed it by going on top of building and shooting down the baddies with the railgun and lock-ons. Maybe add a flying enemy to give a challenge to cheeser like me. Also you went crazy on the easter eggs! There's so many!

For the negatives, the game ran well but had massive lag spikes in the story mode. Meanwhile it ran fine in arcade mode, so I don't know what was going on. Also let's say the story mode levels needs some love! Although the "o'reliable" level was nice. The sprint should consume energy too, because for now there's no draw back to sprinting everywhere.
One more thing, is the grenade launcher supposed to shoot where you aim? Because it didn't. 

Overall I had fun, and I'm curious to see where you take this game!

Thank you for playing my game and enjoying it!

Indeed an Undo would be a good feature. I'll add it for the next Demo Day.

I'm happy that you like the artstyle!

Yeah the UI is atrocious. It was made quickly to have atleast something for DD. I have yet to come up with a nice layout and especially a pleasing style that would be doable with my programmer art skill. 

Thanks again for the feedback!

I'm relieve that it worked and happy that you enjoyed it!

The diagonal wall to regular one is intentional. The min angle between walls are 90d. 

Thank you! 

Thank you for playing my game and for the kind feedback!

That's a bummer that it didn't run on your system. This is a false positive that have been plaguing me for a while. I got it the other day on my test machine, and manage to fixed it by fiddling with the compiler flags. But sadly by the look of it, it wasn't an universal fix. 
What did you run it on? Windows 10? 11?

I played a few hours and want to play some more. That's how much I enjoyed your game, well done!

Ran like a charm on my machine.  I love the art style, it really capture the essence of Diablo 1. So does the gameplay. I mainly played a sorceress and had a great time. Sadly my last run came to an end when I ran out of potions. That sucked because I was about to upgrade my ice spikes to lvl 4... Oh well, I'll try a warrior build next time.

For a tank game it's a really fun tank game. Your tutorial do a great job of explaining the mechanics. 

My only gripe is on how high is the mouse sensitivity by default. But that got remedied by lowering it in the config menu. 

The crusader tank is really joy to drive. I even manage to do a trick of driving off the last level platform to land on the wall. And drifting everywhere!

I didn't find much use for the 90mm other than "Haha big gun goes BOOOM!" 

I really enjoyed my time with your game, thank you! 

Really awesome game! It really capture the fun that was the first diablo.

It ran flawlessly on GNU+Linux at 720p. 

My only gripe with the game is how dark it is. I had to stop playing because I was straining to much trying to see where I was going in the mine. I understand that is on purpose (for the atmosphere), but there need to be more contrast or something. 

Also I found a bug in character creation. Select the witch, start typing the name, erase the name with backspace and see that now the ui show the warrior. 

Otherwise really good fun! 

The game remind me of the old Pirate! game and Patrician. I like this type of ship battle system. 

I'm curious where you are planning to take the game, because so far it has some potential. 

Also add more booty. BIG BOOTY

Very cute game! 

The amount of polish in the menus and everything is impressive!

Let's just say that your game gave me a nice brain workout. 

I love the art style, it got soul for sure. The game is hard and the weapons seem highly unbalanced. It takes one magazine of SMG ammo to down an angel lady vs one shot of the shotgun. Also I would like an auto reload. I didn't manage to finish the first level but I still had fun.

I hope to see more of your game, I love a good boomer shooter. 

>rushing features before demo day

Totally not relatable! ;-) 

Thank you for playing my game!
It wasn't much of a pain to program, I actually enjoy programming. I plan on making a sort of business owner life simulator where you build your shop and run it. At first I will make that you build a convenience store, but I would like to add more businesses in the future. 

You have a good point for the doors. I'll have to make them flush to the wall in the future. 

Fun demo, I like the idea of a lumberjack game. Also the girls are cute. Personally I'm not a big fan of the movement, it feels floaty to me. I tested the game on a I5-6500T and the interior areas felt laggy while the exterior area is fine. Also the mining mini game doesn't scale up to 4K and it's honestly sluggish.
Sorry for being negative, but keep it up and I hope to see you next demo day!

Sweet! Thanks

Yeah sometime it crashes because there's still a bug lurking somewhere in the quadtree behind the terrain. 

The way trimming is suppose to work is that it allow to select an area like in the leveling tool but instead of changing the height of all the points (LOWER and HIGHER) to the height of the point you started the selection from. It just bring the points HIGHER than the point down to it. So let's say you create two hills and want to turn them into plateaus you can use the trimming tool, click on a point of the height you want the plateaus to be at. Drag over the two hills and release the click. 

But I'm thinking of changing it by using the AOBdev idea of clicking and move the point up or down with the mouse. So that with the levelling / trimming tool, you will just click and drag a selection, release, move it up or down using the mouse, and finally click to lock in the modification. Hopefully that will be a better system. 

Having people play your game makes you realize that you "intuitive" controls weren't that intuitive lol. 

I didn't know what I was getting into but in the end I found a really enjoyable RTS. You even got the ability to select all the unit producing building, putting them in a group, giving them an attack move order and have the units produced execute it. Really cool! Also I like that the game mode expand on the map instead of just shipping you to another map. 

Is there a way to heal your champion? 

Also I find the fact that the map wrap over itself in the four direction to be quite confusing. 

And maybe just a polish critique but even though the sprites are good they're kind of all over the place. The game would benefit from a uniform art style.

Ngl I struggled alot using only keyboard controls. But once I picked up a controller it was great fun. Also you got a good chuckle out of me with the stock scream. 

It now works out of the box on my system. It runs smooth, looks pretty good too. You got a pretty cool engine cooking up buddy.

Look at them wiggle around! 

Hello fellow Odinchad, sadly I could get your engine to run on linux. It fails to load the mesh shader, without really telling why. It also fail to create the font shader and load the font file. I understand for the font file because it tries to find it at an absolute path which is on your desktop. I tried to recreate the path and install the required font there but it still doesn't work for some reason. 

WOW! Awesome progress! I really enjoy the new prologue over the previous one, it explains the game mechanics better. Also have you improved the wall jumping? It feels better than it was last time. 

Once again, great visuals, the fact the character move slowly enhance the sense of weight. I suck at the game, the last boss killed me lol, but I still had a lot of fun and I can see it be even more fun once I master the controls and start jumping around, parrying attacks, using the bullet ability. 

The only minus is that some sprites are blurry, one that came to mind was the snake miniboss. But that's just a question of polish. 

And to finish, the linux build works flawlessly out of the box. 

Keep it up!

Really cool Pong game! It looks good, plays smooth and overall a solid game. I find the decision to use the Z key to interact to be odd though. I couldn't get it to run through wine, but that's most likely a skill issue on my side, but it did work on my test windows machine. 

It ran first try. I got the most handsome smiley face ever on my screen which brought me great joy. I try the add_quad command without seeing anything change, mostly likely because I was sending it all ones. Got confused and closed the program. 

The mad lad used gotos in his code!   

Really cool stuff! 

Takes some skill to play but you can get the hang quickly of the mechanics. The snake boss of stage 1 took me two tries, I mostly struggled to parry the red projectiles. It's much fun to kick enemies while in mid air or managing to parry missiles and seeing them spin out and explode. Big props for the art style, I really like it. The player character make me think of a tyranid from 40k. Just one bad thing I can say is that some sprites appear blurry in the game, which make them stand out badly in my opinion. The liquid spent casing is very nice touch!

I enjoyed my time with your game and can't wait for more levels in a future demo day. 

You have a nice gem of a game.

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Thank you for the comment!

I'm happy that you enjoyed the terrain editing. It's the only thing that you can do yet. The terrain editing will be improved in the future by adding brushes that will help you edit more than one tile at the time. I don't know if you found the special mode you can use to edit the terrain by using left shift or left control?

The camera controls are indeed janky for now. You translate with wasd, rotate with q and e. look up or down with r and f and zoom with shift w and s. It won't stay like that in the finish product hopefully, but for debugging it's good enough. 

For the shadow, the generated shadow map is looked in place and don't follow the camera. I have yet to implement this. So anything outside of shadow map frustum is considered to be in the light. Which resulted in the artifact you got.

P.S I tried to run your game but I'm missing the file. I got it working by building the lib and putting the so file in the game folder.

Very cool game, I found some bug like when I go to the castle thingy or when I finish a battle. I like the look of it very much, got that old rpg game look down real good.