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Knee deep in casings exaggerated demigod mech minigun action
Submitted by Rezydent (@DementiaDev) — 5 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Very impressive prototype. I overall like the game but suck at giving good compliments so I'm just gonna air out my grievances.

Combat and movement feels a little too complicated but this is likely a skill issue as I found myself slowly getting better the more I played, but maybe a "slower" tutorial level would be good?

Upgrades were confusing to me as well because I wasn't sure if they applied or not, I also found it weird that selecting an upgrade under "MOVES" removes the upgrade under "MINIGUN"

I had an issue with the game resolution on linux on a multi-monitor setup, the resolution would be set to the combined resolution of both monitors and looks super zoomed in, Turning off fullscreen makes it work on both monitors, fullscreening on the second (small resolution) monitor causes the zoomed in effect, but fullscreening on the main monitor works fine.
I'm using X11 with DWM as my window manager if that makes a difference. Single monitor is fine.

All in all really enjoyed playing and beating ass.


are you using a grid based fluid simulation for the bullet casing globs?


Something like that. Level is subdivided into pillars for simplicity and performance.


I'm looking through the Upgrades, and I can select Penetration. But it says Not Enough Materials. But I can still select it? Will it work or not?

The initial controls explanation just shows [ ] instead of any controls.

Can I not play this game with gamepad? I could navigate the menu with it but I can't aim.

One of the big bug enemies bugged out. It's stuck in a platform endlessly taking damage.

When I alt+tab in and out there's a big stutter on returning. Only sometimes.

The prologue is pretty fun! It felt way easier than I remember the old levels being, which is probably good for easing in new players.

I sort of know how I'm 'supposed' to play this game, get into the bullet mode and zoom around fast. But it was hard to apply that to the boss. I couldn't quite figure out the right pattern. I killed him with some combo of gunfire and hitting spacebar when close to him.  It definitely piqued my interest for more new levels!


The prologue felt nicer as a first level.

I used a cheap third party xbox controller and i had to use the dpad to move instead of left stick. Tutorial button label’s weren’t showing up, just “_”.

^This is probably just from early development and also maybe from me using a cheap old controller.

I liked the boss, I am a little disappointed my machine gun wasn’t effective for dealing damage.  Ended up just spamming counter on his face like a psycho.

I do like the bullet mode movement. It’s hard to get used to at first. 

After getting used to it I think it’s a good system, It’s fun building up momentum, and it feels really good timing your bounces to keep that momentum going. 

My gut feeling is that simpler is better, I do think there’s a lot going on in this game's movement mechanics: I have to constantly think about aiming my gun behind me while still moving forward. So I have to constantly be controlling 2 axis at once while im in bullet mode. Perhaps simplifying this: maybe when in bullet mode my momentum is determined solely from my gun, rather than a mixture of both.

Overall I enjoyed the other levels that I tried this time more than the first vertical one. I did have fun.


Thanks, I'm glad you liked it more this time.

I fucked up big time with the controller, I hope you didn't play with it all the way through with it because the kick doesn't even work properly as I forgot to rebind stuff. After some testing I decided to change movement to the left stick (at least until I find a better way for up/down input effects).

I need to be careful with bullet mode (and other recoil movements), as it can make the controls feel unresponsive in a jarring way when it activates by accident. There's a lot of leeway with preserving momentum and you can simply aim down for some time, but I think the practice level misrepresents it a bit - optimally you enter and exit out of it quickly to mix up with other moves giving you time to think and rest.


WOW! Awesome progress! I really enjoy the new prologue over the previous one, it explains the game mechanics better. Also have you improved the wall jumping? It feels better than it was last time. 

Once again, great visuals, the fact the character move slowly enhance the sense of weight. I suck at the game, the last boss killed me lol, but I still had a lot of fun and I can see it be even more fun once I master the controls and start jumping around, parrying attacks, using the bullet ability. 

The only minus is that some sprites are blurry, one that came to mind was the snake miniboss. But that's just a question of polish. 

And to finish, the linux build works flawlessly out of the box. 

Keep it up!