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Attempt one:

Attempt two:

I did attempt one cold, no instructions, I kind of vaguely looked at them for attempt 2

This is literally the first slenderman-type game I've ever played, so I'm probably more than a little off base here, but:


* I didn't know about the vault mechanic for the first two attempts, but realized it by the time I tried it off-camera. It seems to work pretty well, but hiding its existence in optional instructions is not great.

* spent a lot of time lost, and not in the way where I felt threatened or really worried: since I knew I was playing a game, was very specifically looking for a sound-related trigger to progress, and that the thing chasing me had to actually chase and touch me instead of coyly looking from behind some twigs, it took a lot of the early tension out. ingame exposition would have helped.

both sound like they would be fixed with notes laying around. it's kind of silly but ehh, if it works elsewhere

* every time I've seen the light from far away it had some visibility problem, where you could only see it if you looked at it from your peripheral vision. not a 3D guy so I can't really explain it better but I do it in attempt 2

* resetting from the menu seems to softlock at the loading screen. Happens on attempt 1. reproducible.

I thought I fixed that soft lock what the heck??

I agree ill make the instructions more clear

Thanks for the feedback