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Project Abel v0.03 DD15 Demo (OUTDATED)View game page

Submitted by abeldev (@ProjectAbelGame) — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline

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Project Abel v0.03 DD15 Demo (OUTDATED)'s page

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The walk animation looks like he's hobbling, is that intended? I'm ok with the controls and movement speed, being familiar with Dead Space and RE4. The reload thing with the bar, it seems I could quicken it with the right timing of a button press, but I couldn't figure out which button to use for that.

I definitely think enemies should go down with lesser amount of bullets, especially if you aimed at the head, or some weak spot. That would be better especially since you already have an aiming system.


you walk way too slow and the graphics are pixelated rather than pixel art

having to hold down e before being able to reload is awful and unintuitive, the active reload system might be a resident evil thing(never played one) but it just reminded me of gears of war and i'm glad it never caught on

overall this reminds me of this


I don't like the RE games so I'm kind of predisposed to dislike your game too, sorry. I would definitely take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think I did find a few technical things in there that you can work on tho


Cool, no worries. Criticisms noted.


This game certainly gives a horror vibe, I love how you have to stand still to aim. The way your sights shake is a really nice touch. I think it would be better if you didn't have to hold down E and then press R to reload, it would do just fine with just pressing R, expecially since zombies eat bullets like they were candies (9 to kill a zombie and the gun holds only 6!). Also It would be nice if interactable objects had some kind of outline or at least didn't merge with the backgroud so well. 

Good work! I want to see more of this in the future!


Thank you very much! Yeah I've been replaying games like RE4, REmake and Dead Space in an attempt to understand how to properly balance movement, reloading, item pickups, etc.  I'll keep all that in mind!