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Anomalous Underdog

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Thanks for the feedback!

  1. The rapier's attacks indeed doesn't reach an enemy that's sort of in a crouching position, I was thinking of making your character lean downwards in those situations so the rapier can hit, but that's not at the top of my things to do right now.
  2. The part about you not being able to move too long after getting hit is a bug. You certainly are supposed to be able to reasonably  dodge away after getting hit the first time, so you don't get combo'd. I've fixed it in my current build, and now it ignores movement input only for a short span of time when you get hit (I'm still tweaking how long it should be).
  3. I haven't really planned for anything regarding poise/flinch resistance, and I'm only wondering about it now how to go about it. For one, the purple armor type the player currently has should not have much flinch resistance, if at all, as he's the speedy type in contrast to the 2nd armor type I'll be making later on: a brutish offensive kind which I'll certainly give a lot of flinch resistance/poise.
  4. I think I'll also experiment with making the spear not instantly break enemy poise.
  5. The AI right now is very simple/dumb. They're easy to kill, and their only threat is if they attack you in groups, and even then they don't coordinate. Generally, for these one-eyed enemies, I think I'll keep them that way. In the lore, they are just mindless golem-like creatures created out of scrappy wood and cloth. Right now I'm implementing more of the player's abilities, then I'll work on the AI again after. Perhaps a new enemy type later on.

Totally fine! It's normal that not everyone will like a game. You have to keep watch your stamina bar (yellow bar at the bottom of the screen) because attacks consume stamina. Deplete that and you'll have to wait until it fills up enough. Dashing also consumes stamina.

However the part about not being able to move even though your character has already finished playing their hurt animation is a bug, and I've been trying to fix that for a long time.

Thanks for trying it out! I will fix the input detection for attacks (I only found this out recently because I always used a gamepad for testing). Obviously you're not supposed to be able to charge two weapons at once, I will fix that.

But I won't change the dash. Unless I'm misunderstanding your statements, the timings are as I intended. The player should only commit to making an attack when they think it is the right moment, because there is either a long buildup at the start or long follow-through at the end, or a bit of both, so they can get punished if they misjudge their distance to the enemy or the timing of when to press the attack button.

>Can't use the warhammer with my apple magic mouse

The game is really meant to be played with a controller, but as a last resort, you can use the numpad: 1, 2, 3 in the numpad corresponds to the attacks, so 3 is the warhammer.

>It takes a fucking long time to kill the dudes with the rapier

You might have been fighting the one nearest you, I buffed the health on that one because I use it as a practice dummy. That said, I'll look into tweaking the damage values. This is the first time all 3 weapons have been implemented so I need to look over all the player's attacks again.

The walk animation looks like he's hobbling, is that intended? I'm ok with the controls and movement speed, being familiar with Dead Space and RE4. The reload thing with the bar, it seems I could quicken it with the right timing of a button press, but I couldn't figure out which button to use for that.

I definitely think enemies should go down with lesser amount of bullets, especially if you aimed at the head, or some weak spot. That would be better especially since you already have an aiming system.

That part about not being able to move when swarmed, was it because you keep getting hit before you had a chance to move? It's something I'm trying to tweak a lot. I wasn't able to completely fix it by the time Demo Day came up, but I will continue to work on it.

I hear you. There'll be more defensive options later on as I implement them: parrying with the rapier, summoning a wall of spears that come out of the ground (I'm thinking there's options for shaping the spear wall as a circle so you can trap enemies inside, and not just as a line), impaling enemies to keep them immobile, etc.

But he's not gonna have a shield because it just doesn't fit his style.

Thanks! I was thinking about the stamina too, and I was actually wondering if it's better to move the player's health and stamina bars to the bottom of the screen (below where the player is), it's in my todo list, so I'll be experimenting on that. I was also thinking of making the stamina bar glow when you're almost empty, and have the glow brighter the more you get closer to empty.

About the meatiness, I'm hoping that once I add sounds, that would help, although I will not be worrying about sounds for now, while I implement other things.

Regarding level vatiation, I'm thinking something like, you enter the arena from a different direction at least, if you want to keep it purely fighting segments. And yeah, also the hallways.

Hazards are fine (like that turret on the wall that shoots some sort of laser) as long as you variate them for each stage, and have some stages where there are no traps at all.

I like spamming the dash button during the hallway segments so maybe one with spike pits and ramps would be fun (with still having the ocassional enemy here and there).

Also I was hoping it's possible that you could hit and destroy that laser shooting turret.

Had fun with this. Took me a while to get an "Awesome" rank, even got a Perfect if I recall correctly, and I only noticed afterwards. Still haven't gotten used to doing aerial attacks like in the gif you have here in the game page.

What are your plans for this? Was thinking maybe it needs variation on the level layouts. And more enemy types, perhaps.

Also, the equipment screen was confusing at first, that really needs some reorganizing the GUI layout. Like, I want to see everything I have equipped at a glance (I think you lose equipment each level but I still kinda want to see everything).

@Norberto: Yeah I'll definitely do something about the respawn. Dash certainly will allow you to go through walls, but yes, you're not supposed to attack enemies through walls, I haven't added the code for that yet (and probably not for some time while I work on other features first). Will look into about that bug with the attack input on the rapier you mentioned, thanks!

@crabowitz: Yeah, there's a delay between dashes. He's not all the way powerful because he's suffering from a terminal illness. But perhaps an upgrade to the dash that you can unlock later on, I'm ok with adding such a thing.

About the weapon combos, yeah, there's not much differentiating rapier and spear right now. Rapier is supposed to allow you to parry incoming attacks, while spear will allow you to impale enemies, but I haven't implemented those yet.

I'm now planning on removing the rapier's ability to hit stun the enemy and lower its attack damage since right now it's too useful (it's just as good as spear in terms of dps and yet it's faster and keeps the enemy in hit stun for longer).

@Sinoc: The "life sim" part doesn't have any plans at this point, other than that I'm aiming it to be like in Persona where you do activities per day, have responsibilities to attend to, etc. but instead of being a high-school student, you're a guy in his mid 20's working on a job.

@Rokas: Will work on that, thanks for the feedback!

@AttaBoy: No worries. Later on I plan to add a "Toaster Mode", which would disable everything in the graphics that isn't critical.

@boxes: Thanks for the feedback!

>weapons mapped to separate buttons

This is intentional. Once I add the third weapon, plus some other ideas that I'll do, I'm hoping combat will become more interesting.

>recovery phases on attack and dodge animations are bit too lengthy

It was actually faster before, which made the whole thing too easy. I increased the recovery on the spear, because the spear really is supposed to be slow, but maybe I went too far. I'll try to find a sweet spot.

Effectively, the rapier is your light attack, then the spear and warhammer (3rd weapon that isn't there yet) are your heavy attacks.

>Took me a while to figure out how that stamina bar works

I was supposed to make your character heat up visibly as the bar goes higher. It's representing the excess heat and overexertion in your armor, but I haven't taken the time to do that yet.

I probably should just make the HUD bar a standard bar that goes downwards instead.

  1. Thought this was medieval fantasy, judging from the cover image.
  2. Although I'm not into this genre that much, the story was interesting enough to hold my interest until the end of the demo.
  3. The white text can get hard to read. This game has lots of snow, right? Maybe decrease the transparency of the text background so text is more readable.
  4. I find it a little weird that conversations take place in what looks like the pages of a book. I would have been fine with the usual visual novel style of conversations.

@IdiocyOverdose: noted. will get to that when I get the time

1. Clicking on "Spell/Item" button during combat doesn't work.

2. Music sometimes begins to overlap when I go to different screens.

3. Going to main screen ends up registering a click on the first inventory item. Going back accidentally clicks the investigate button.

4. I almost always lose in the dice roll in combat so I keep getting hit. Don't know if that's intended.

5. It's tedious to heal (go back home, go to additional actions screen, click rest at home, and for some reason, you automatically leave home, so you have to go back home again to repeat). Hospital treatment doesn't work yet.

6. Maybe I simply remembered wrong but I was pretty sure my mystery was the found footage one, but the resolution I got was about the mansion.

7. It's weird that the sound for resolving any event is also the sound for getting damaged.

Had fun with it though. I'm fine with the UI layout being convoluted. It reminds me of old DOS games that needed manuals.

I was thinking, if you want to ease the difficulty curve more, give the player a gun that shoots in bursts of 3 (like what the enemies currently have), and then have the enemies shoot only one bullet at a time in the first few rooms. After that, the player gets the machine gun (what the demo gives you), then you can put in the regular enemies.

All in all, had a good time. Looking forward to the updates.

Don't know wtf was going on in the story, but I don't think it really matters. Gave me a Cave Story vibe.

I get the feeling the combat is a cross between a side-view shooter and platformer, which is cool. I love space shooters. I think this is a good mix between the two. In that regard, I think the jetpack having no gravity is fine.

Noticed the sword enemies have a rhythm to their attacks, which is key to defeating them. Maybe some sort of obvious telegraph when they're about to attack to help players with the timing? Maybe the sword shines/twinkles right before the attack, or some sound effect.

Noted! Didn't think it mattered much, so I keep forgetting to add something like that. The seams in your armor should actually be emitting some fire too, including the feet. I'll get to that when I have the time.


Oh, when Crimsonland first came out, I got really addicted to it, so I can see the appeal with this type of game, but on the other hand, I played it so much I also got burned out with it, but that's just me. I know getting things to what you have right now is a lot of work, and it being open-source means this is a bit of a labor of love. At least I can see mods could mean this can become a testbed for crazy ideas.

Trying to stop exactly in the center of one of the landing circles reminded me of my first driving lessons.

Movement is fun. Needs a way to restart the whole game cause I think I ended up with debt. Pressing ESC in-game and trying to click abort mission doesn't work (wanted to go back to garage). When in the garage screen, Back button seems to be shy and is hiding off-screen.

Sound for boost doesn't seem to play all the time.

I keep dying too fast. Maybe make the turning rate of enemies slow, so you can utilize your speed and maneuverability to your advantage?

  1. As far as moving in menus, I think it'll be better if the game accepted input on-button-up, not on-button-down, because I end up moving the menu cursor way over where I want to go. Maybe that or keep using on-button-down and slow down the repeat rate.
  2. Seems like the save profile doesn't work as expected. I made a new profile in slot 2 but when I use it, I get the menu that lets me load the game and it's allowing me to load the game in slot 1.
Other than that, it's a pretty decent Castlevania game. Will certainly keep watch for updates.

Basically open-source Crimsonland. Nothing necessarily bad or good about that. Not sure what else to say about it. Seems fairly well-built at least, didn't experience any bugs.

Fucking itch.io discarded my comment cause it was longer than 1024 chars.
  1. Would prefer target lock be right thumbstick press so I don't have to lift my finger from the fire button
  2. Maybe put a height limit on the level cause right now I can boost upwards to infinity
  3. Maybe put a visual indication for parry (a shield lighting up around your mech?). It'll help players get the timing right since there's visual feedback.
  4. Boost is a good way to fly around the map. I can see this being fun with aerial fights.
8/10 would get in the robot again