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A jam submission

Super Space Jam Jetpack Robot Turbo Demo Day 12 vView game page

adventure/danmaku game
Submitted by nurikabe — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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Super Space Jam Jetpack Robot Turbo Demo Day 12 v's page

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In case you missed it in the thread I did a playthrough of your game:


I was thinking, if you want to ease the difficulty curve more, give the player a gun that shoots in bursts of 3 (like what the enemies currently have), and then have the enemies shoot only one bullet at a time in the first few rooms. After that, the player gets the machine gun (what the demo gives you), then you can put in the regular enemies.

All in all, had a good time. Looking forward to the updates.


Don't know wtf was going on in the story, but I don't think it really matters. Gave me a Cave Story vibe.

I get the feeling the combat is a cross between a side-view shooter and platformer, which is cool. I love space shooters. I think this is a good mix between the two. In that regard, I think the jetpack having no gravity is fine.

Noticed the sword enemies have a rhythm to their attacks, which is key to defeating them. Maybe some sort of obvious telegraph when they're about to attack to help players with the timing? Maybe the sword shines/twinkles right before the attack, or some sound effect.


I like the character of the game. I think the interactions between the two girls could be very funny. But the promise of having a jetpack isn't quite delivered on when you just remove gravity. I just feel there are so many cool things you can do with a jetpack. Also the level design feels like it should utilize it. The levels that I saw were suited for a platformer, where you don't have a jetpack. The shooting feels good though, I like that. I think if you find the fun potential in having a jetpack, you'll find the fun in your game.