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Ghost Knight Victis - AGDG Demo Day 16View game page

Heroic Dark Urban Fantasy • Action RPG
Submitted by Anomalous Underdog (@GhostKVictisDev) — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline

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I suck at actions games, and I've never played a Souls-like, so with that in mind: a lot of the time the game felt unresponsive, like I was merely suggesting something the character to do, and sometimes it would or wouldn't. I don't know if this is the Souls style design where you have to plan your attacks and commit to the whole animation, but to me it felt frustrating and like I wasn't in control. A good example is trying to move, but I can't until the enemy is done attacking me. Another critique is the enemy design, its easy to see where they are but its hard to distinguish their movements, like what they're about to do. Their core/torso just seemed like a dark mass. The warhammer felt weak compared to just spamming LMB attack. But I'm not an action game player so!


Totally fine! It's normal that not everyone will like a game. You have to keep watch your stamina bar (yellow bar at the bottom of the screen) because attacks consume stamina. Deplete that and you'll have to wait until it fills up enough. Dashing also consumes stamina.

However the part about not being able to move even though your character has already finished playing their hurt animation is a bug, and I've been trying to fix that for a long time.


It's very much like a Souls game! Everything that I wanted to say has already been said here. Thank you for having graphic options for accessibility.

Looking forward to further progress!


While you have hte visual flair already getting set-up, your basic gameplay is downright broken. Mashing LMB and RMB just breaks the combat system, animations start getting stuck and weapons start "firing" at the same time, charge up, do the same attack a number of times and so on. For bonus points you can charge two weapons at once.

Dash also seems too long, but unresponsive at the same time, since some attack animations lock you out.

I suggest looking at your timings again and again, an you can have a nice combat system.


Thanks for trying it out! I will fix the input detection for attacks (I only found this out recently because I always used a gamepad for testing). Obviously you're not supposed to be able to charge two weapons at once, I will fix that.

But I won't change the dash. Unless I'm misunderstanding your statements, the timings are as I intended. The player should only commit to making an attack when they think it is the right moment, because there is either a long buildup at the start or long follow-through at the end, or a bit of both, so they can get punished if they misjudge their distance to the enemy or the timing of when to press the attack button.


Freaking awesome!

Thanks for having a Mac build.


- Can't use the warhammer with my apple magic mouse, the two button click is not detected for some reason.

- It takes a fucking long time to kill the dudes with the rapier,  I get that it shouldn't do as much damage as the other weapons but it's way too much.

Good stuff.


>Can't use the warhammer with my apple magic mouse

The game is really meant to be played with a controller, but as a last resort, you can use the numpad: 1, 2, 3 in the numpad corresponds to the attacks, so 3 is the warhammer.

>It takes a fucking long time to kill the dudes with the rapier

You might have been fighting the one nearest you, I buffed the health on that one because I use it as a practice dummy. That said, I'll look into tweaking the damage values. This is the first time all 3 weapons have been implemented so I need to look over all the player's attacks again.

I was fighting the nearest one, just avoided the other ones as I went around the map because I assumed they were just as strong. Good catch. I dig the locking mechanic by the way, makes it a lot better to fight.