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A jam submission

Metanoia: The SacrificeView game page

point and click adventure game set in a dark fantasy world
Submitted by Firgof — 1 minute before the deadline
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Hm, yeah. I agree with all of that - though that does put me in a bit of a bind with what I've put time into with that last point of feedback. I thought going full book would make more sense given that there are some actions which are described purely in text which I thought would look weird, set against characters that mostly don't move or change expressions etc (at least for the time being). I'll see if I can't dream up another way while I continue the work.

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Thought this was medieval fantasy, judging from the cover image.
  2. Although I'm not into this genre that much, the story was interesting enough to hold my interest until the end of the demo.
  3. The white text can get hard to read. This game has lots of snow, right? Maybe decrease the transparency of the text background so text is more readable.
  4. I find it a little weird that conversations take place in what looks like the pages of a book. I would have been fine with the usual visual novel style of conversations.

New build uploaded.


New build that changes the introduction coming up soon.


New build is up now - should be playable.

Missing the data folder