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Not a lot of content just yet, but  What IS there is a very solid skeleton. I especially like the enemy design and the wall textures in the first mission are solid. Movement and the jumping feel just right, and I've had a copse ragdoll/expand all over the place randomly from across the level, and I could spot a few enemies spawning while in my line of sight.

SMG is really satisfying to fire, I'm guessing the sound and fire rate have a lot to do with it. The other gun is a bit weird because it doesn't return all the way down after the recoil, causing me to have to lift the mouse, move it upwards and drag down the weapon after every few shots not my favorite thing.

Anyway - Solid build, keep it up! 

Visually a very nice game, loved the polish that went into the levels since previous Demo Day, and the animations and movement now seem much smoother.  Level Design feels solid and they mostly flow well. There's a few rock textures not quite placed properly, and as such, aren't tiling properly, but I'm sure you knew that. The main thing that felt off was the level that forces the player to glide under rocks - It came a little soon. Not saying its too hard or anything, but just came a little early, as I was still familiarizing myself with the Controls. I think you might need a "softer" reset mechanic then death. Think blowing wind, rushing water. Something that lets the player practice without feeling like they've messed up, before you make them do it over the death-pitfalls. 
Controls felt great, although terrain collision needs some work here and there. Characters can get stuck mid-wall, etc.. The boss was a little on the Easy side, but fun.

Overall, huge improvements since last time. Keep it up!

So this shit wont let me post my full review... so here it is.


Pros: Very solid gameplay. Shows lots of promise.
Cons: Art looks like its from newgrounds.

6/10, IGN

Hey! Thanks for the input. I'm well aware the game is slow. I needed to work on hangar screen, so there wasnt much time to rebalance the game around a faster speed. The plan was (and still is) to have weapon types of various firing speeds and projectile speed (and range), lasers being the fastest, then going down to ballistic, missiles, photon, and finally mines. But as you might imagine i ran out of time to really implement much of that into the demo. Enemies don't really have an AI yet either, so they just kinda randomly fire.

The update I'm working on ATM speeds the game up somewhat, but its gonna be a while before its ready.

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Not bad/10

  • Vertical movement feels a little floaty compared to the horizontal which feels like it "snaps" the character still as soon as you let go of the button.
  • Jumping and Attacking have some weird interactions where attacking mid air will stop the player character mid jump, etc. The other way around - Jumping while mid attack sorta just does a weird half jitter. Should probably just not allow jumping while mid-attack.
  • Inventory is serviceable, but its awkward to switch to the mouse when you want to use it, when everything else is keyboard driven. Make it so player movment is locked while inventory is open and you have an active select box that you can move with arrow keys. When you hit Enter or what have you the item is highlited, and you can move the select box to antother item, and hit Enter again to swap the items. (alternatively you can make the mouse cursor snap to the grid and keep both systems) Bonus: Moving all the way up allows you to select the various tabs and move trough them, moving all the way to the bottom left allows you to highlight the BUY or SELL button and pressing Enter activates it.
  • Bonus feature idea: PC is a frog - why Make jumping interesting - tapping jump gives you a short jump, enough to clear a fence maybe. If you HOLD jump, it locks the player in place. The longer you hold Jump the higher the PC will jump once released, allowing you to cover longer distances. You can even have him go in a sitting, frog like pose when the button is held.

Shows lots of promise. Keep it up. If it were up to me I'd turn this into a mixture between Stranded Kids/Survival Kids for GBC and Harvest Moon/Stardew valley.

Heres my vivid imagination when I play this: Imagine a tropical Island where you've washed up. You pick up a stick and a rock and combine them to make a shovel. Eating raw berries you eventually find some seeds, grow food and settle down in a hollow log. There's a few areas available to you but a huge boulder blocking off the path to the rest of the island. Eventually you're able to grow bamboo (need to water it, need to make watering can, need to give it nutrients, have to hunt/gather specific stuff to turn it into fertilizer etc. Progression based on your farming. Once you have bamboo you can use a stick of it to stick it under huge boulder, move it and get further inland. You find more wild animals to hunt, wild tomato plant that you can grow using bamboo to support it, etc. You get a few more areas, but to the east is a fast river with a waterfall that you cant cross. Gonna need to make/grow something to cross it. You eventually build a home out of the hollow log, build more outposts/farms in the new areas of the island, eventually you find a cove with strong wood and start building a boat. The end goal is to leave the island.

I'm sure you know what harvest moon is, but maybe take a look at Survival Kids. I'd kill for a game that combined the two.