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Shoot stuff! Upgrade! Buy bigger guns!
Submitted by some-pixel-dev — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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Hey! Thanks for the input. I'm well aware the game is slow. I needed to work on hangar screen, so there wasnt much time to rebalance the game around a faster speed. The plan was (and still is) to have weapon types of various firing speeds and projectile speed (and range), lasers being the fastest, then going down to ballistic, missiles, photon, and finally mines. But as you might imagine i ran out of time to really implement much of that into the demo. Enemies don't really have an AI yet either, so they just kinda randomly fire.

The update I'm working on ATM speeds the game up somewhat, but its gonna be a while before its ready.


When I started it up in the hanger, it made to excited to start playing this game (although the text in the descriptions could go offscreen; just do a quick check to make sure the bounds of the rect don't go outside the screen).

When I got to the actual game and started firing and saw how slow the bullets were... it instantly turned me off to it. You really need fast bullets for a fun shmup. The enemies also were nearly impossible to kill unless you had bullets already firing at them before you could see them since their constant barrage of bullets and immovable states kept them invincible from the front. Just speed the player bullets up, and vary the firing speed waiting intervals for the enemies (and make them move).

With the customization options, this game has some hope.



Does the genre justice

Good customisation options


Text when hovering can go off the screen

Would be nice if it was faster / illusion of greater speed