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Early prototype first person combat dungeoncrawler
Submitted by brum — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline
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reminds me of this

the weapons look really nice, the enemies less so maybe make the enemies lowpoly as well like in devil dagger


Art is nice, especially the lighting. Your tiles have visible cracks between them, though.

Can't really comment on combat at this stage, but the mish-mash of 3D weapons and 2D enemies is cool. Just make sure to give a bit of leeway on the hitboxes so players with poor depth perception don't get frustrated.


The art style fits across 2D and 3D nicely. The shadow shader is cool. Didn't like stamina affecting move speed, and it needs more instructions re click vs hold, defend vs bash, what is sprint, I guess. But pretty cute.


Too barebones to judge yet, but what you have is pretty good! The aesthetics are cute as heck and the weapons feel like they have real weight on the swing. What are your plans for the final gameplay? I imagine your weapons will break and you have to find some other ones with new moves? Good work, keep it up!

Visuals are top notch.

Everything else, on the other hand, is horrible, what are you even doing. 

-the mechanics are completely arbitrary
-there's no reason neither logically nor mechanically for the movement to be this clunky
-you have this fluid style of moevement bogged down by random restrictions
-the sounds are piercing

In it's current state it feels like everything was tailored towards the game looking nice in the webms, which it does. But then you go into the game with expectations of some fancy fluid motions, but only get to use them every 5 seconds. 

woah shit look at those rock textures

In all seriousness, it's kinda neat as a prototype, though a lot of seeing if it'll work in action would rely on how the enemies work. Since there's a whole lot of nothing right now, the only thing I can really say on it is to add a screen bob/shake slider. The fog shader thing's kinda cool, though.

Also, a weird bug with the block that lets you attack if you move towards an enemy with your shield up.


Here's what I can give feedback on:

The shader on the fog is very nice and I like the whole pixel 3D look to the game with the enemies being well animated sprites. One thing I find slightly annoying is how slow the buildup to the sword swing is. Dashing and the other moves feel tight and responsive though.

Visually, it looks great. I definitely want to see more!


Not enough happening to give real feedback, but here's something.

Textures look nice, and the fog effect you've made is cool.

Weapons have a nice timing and impact, controls feel pretty good overall.

Really needs enemies moving to test out how it works in a "real" environment.

Oh and there's ugly seams all around, maybe that's a unity thing or your UV thing.


Thanks! I think the seams are because the blocks are made out of actual 6-sided cubes, so they sort of create seams where they connect.