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Seasons PastView game page

CRPG, LMB and WASD to move, stop moving to attack
Submitted by ambientdev — 2 days, 21 hours before the deadline

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Combat doesn't feel meaningful and the AI tends to get stuck on objects with the added fact that you can easily strike them as they won't be able to strike back. I haven't got much else to go on, so good luck.


I won't iterate over what has already been said about the fighting.  The game looks really great, it one of those games that immediately catches your eye. But in regard to gameplay the game seems to be lacking. The navigation system worked fine but I also felt kinda lost in the sense of not know what it is that I'm chasing after.


Collision is a bit too hard, you shouldn't stuck to small things such as trees or flags.

I didn't like the way to attack.

As khryse said, beside the nice looking graphics you need to find a hook for this game. I think focusing it on exploration and stealth could be a great approach.
I like how you introduce and tell the story, in a way that doesn't pause the game but isn't distracting from it either.
I'm not a big fan of the combat system at the moment, it felt like clicking randomly on enemies to me.
I'm interested on seeing how this grows and improves. Good job!

BONUS: a gif of me watching AI poncho stuck in a tree.


It was over fast and wasn't that fun. Enemies push you around, you move with WSAD and mouseclicks, with one fighting the other, the combat is basically nonexistent, hitboxes doesn't seem to be where you expect the to be, and in the end it's a few burqas flailing around and one of them dissappearing.

It looks indie enough, but you need a hook, and currently combat is not it.