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>The game is currently menuless, and I'd like to keep it that way if possible. So this might involve editing an external file. Is that too tacky?

It won't really fly as it's a basic function of the game, but you can sort of make a pseudo in-game menu in the starting area that you always teleport back to on death. Now as to how, unfortunately that's your problem. One of your fellow developers made an interactive menu as part of his game, 'Bun Escape [RESET]'. It's pretty neat in function and design. Figuring you could sort of do it in game like some sort of speech bubble with control settings and so on, tie it next to the fairy, whatever your plan may be.

>Roll is X, down -> forward, or double tapping forward. I thought having a few options would be cool. In MMX you could dash with a button, or double tap forward. Maybe down -> forward is not needed.

It's fine to have options and it'd be better to let the player decide if he wants a proper keybind for rolling or if he wants to enable a shortcut through the settings menu for rolling which is activated by pressing down-forward quickly. As it stands I tend to get rolls when I want something else, be it looking down and moving forward or whatever. Give the player his choice.

>The global attack timers is in, but its set at about 300 milliseconds right now. Tried it longer and it made things too stilted.

With roll-stinger actually being pretty decent, global attack timers might not be necessary as I told you, but alas.

>Working on a fix to hitting enemies through walls. Only complication is that I need to make sure that it doesn't cause a "miss" when there should be a hit, because there is a little corner in the way or something.

Unfortunately I can only advise you visually and the way it'd be would be most likely complicated that would somehow involve making platforms different types of wall when considering sword collision(so as to let them through at least). You're going to have to take someone's else spin and make it your own.

>I intentionally let players roll under half open doors. I thought it kind of makes sense, you can roll through narrow passages. Does it feel weird?

It's only weird because I can roll while it's still in the process of opening, you can't even call it half-open and only maybe a gecko could go through. You can speed-up the door opening animation for a fix, though.

>Not sure what you mean when Frauki can't jump down from a platform?

Sorry, I actually found out it might be related to getting hit by those flying creatures that daze you and the effect you obtain when going near certain mushrooms as well. I didn't update it and forgot about it later, but I think I died with the effect still on and I couldn't descend any platforms so I just wrote that down and restarted which fixed it.

>A lot of enemies can counter the roll-stinger. Unless you dodge them first, then use it or something. Were you able to just blast the samurai with it?

Samurai takes a dodge because he's almost always in a parry/block-state until he preps his attack. Rest can be killed easy, depending on situation for the maybe sole exceptions(besides sentries due to their position) the scythe wielding frog as he'll brush off any hits until he does his own attack, maybe I can hit him while he's mid-air, mid-attack.

>Hilarious gif with the samurai. OOPS. I'll fix his AI

His katana hitbox too, please.

>Did the size of the world feel too small? How long did it take you to get through? 

Unfortunately it felt a bit padded due to the far away checkpoint system but I really can't give you a rough timer. I multi-task as I play the game, be it reading the thread, comments and reply on this page and so on. Plus when I'm also writing my comment I try to make sure I can reproduce things and to keep it accurate. So I'm re-playing demos as I write my feedback. World size felt pretty decent but I'd expect bigger if you do implement checkpoints and 'better' shortcuts as written above - spawn to sewer level- type of things. Recording and making webms all takes time into account which I, myself, do not time. 2-5 hours and read this value knowing what I've just written above.

>Did falling down through the world and looping back to the top make any sense? My plan is that the final "shortcut path" will be to start climbing up that tower, instead of going down.

It's not common, but it can make sense if justified well enough as with all things. If you take a look at the Dragon's Dogma cut content and concept art, they had a tower that was fairly similar in concept to yours, so it wouldn't be much of a problem. They just had little budget and no time.

>Did you find any of the health upgrades or anything?

I thought it showed in my screenshots, I have five health bars. Basically I collected all in-game that can be collected through normal means. I know there's one locked between multiple walls in the sewer pipes. Also as someone said in the thread replying to you, any sign notices regarding whether or not I'm treading through unfinished areas would be great, for all demo runners really. I get to know how much content is up and if missing areas are a bug or not, between those lines.

Here's my question this time, you're the only one to follow me, why? Everyone including you were to be 'picked' up eventually as I went through my collection.

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Since edited posts won't notify, death screens also take far too long. Your game could also use some more checkpoints despite the shortcuts, at least in the demo. Getting down to the sewer levels from your original spawn is a long road.

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Game really needs a settings menu where you're able to configure keybinds, sound volume and graphical settings alongside action shortcuts like pressing down-forward quickly enough results in a forward roll despite already having an assigned key, namely X. The tutorial seems pretty straightforward if you're playing on a controller. I was kept wondering just a tiny bit on what kind of cryptic key combinations I had to pull off on my keyboard. If you're going to release this game you on multiple platforms or even just PC with controller support, you're better off changing your game to modify itself on the fly (detecting a controller gives you a tutorial with the former's controls inscribed on the wall), or the easier and most likely the one that makes more sense is to make it universal by calling it by name. You can even make the current bound keys/buttons pop-up whenever you're near those(they're still blending in a bit so maybe the 'sparkles' you use can apply and you transcribe it by first/third-person text), this does apply to text too (right shoulder button to eat an apple).

I'm liking the game's look and of course the protagonist. Gives me a vibe of Fortune Summoners and I'm sure your game could benefit from it, it so to speak has sort of a 2D fighting game combat with platformer elements plus you also get to be a cute girl. Maybe this could override your decision to include(?) a global attack timer. 

Enemies can be hit through obstacles/walls and thus easily cheese them out for no risk whatsoever. Doors requiring a gem don't seem too receptive, it's a bit finicky for it to activate and I usually have to circle around being point-blank or 2 steps away until it opens. Can also roll through a door while it's still opening. After quite some time, Frauki is unable to jump down from a platform. Slow-motion effect on either getting hit or delivering a hit gets annoying with time, please add an option to disable it. Roll-stinger seems to be the end all be all option when it comes to combat, completely nullifies any incoming attack, but I'm iffy if you should actually nerf it as it's one of the better options against Hayabusa and his 3 meter long katana that he only unsheathes whenever he sees Frauki. There's nothing to indicate you already have an apple at hand, leading me to sometimes waste apples.

Took the wrong door, leading to an empty pipe alongside another pipe of water to an near-empty area and a place to jump off to the end of the world. This should've been blocked. Seems like I did really reach unfinished areas, aka the 'end' of this demo as I just got to a full white blocky area through a water pipe. On another note, the samurai cannot hit one single step below him so here's the webm.

Don't think I was meant to be here yet, but I managed as I fell down from that white world and got the purple crystal.

Kind of broke the crystal collecting order like this.

Seems to be it, I've reached the end of the demo. Can't seem to find any more areas that can be unlocked and the rest are unfinished.

Oh yeah, you also get multiple keys even after reaching 5/5 required. Think that's it.

I have to hand it to you, I actually love the look of your game. Really keen on the menu too. Tutorial's wonderful, but you need to put in something to warn the player of fall damage as it was not a pleasant surprise when I found out as I played through the game. You're able to hit enemies/barrels/items through walls, is this intended? Drones seem to drop nothing despite being spawned infinitely from above and that's a bit disappointing. Movement's pretty great, although I feel like you're constantly on sliding on ice with how much you tend to slide before stopping.

There are some issues like the hidden objects I'm currently standing on. Nothing else that I've noticed unless you count drones getting randomly hit by frogs/chameleons/wolves. Drones also seem too weak given all it takes is a single wall to 'outsmart' them, maybe some directions for them to check one by one around corners or even use the actual ricochet mechanic that is in-game and have them shoot at an angle to hit the player behind a wall/obstacle. I'm guessing levels are randomly generated too so you might want to look into that given the amount of invisible objects that spawn and if you're going to tell a story with your game, don't use it at all and handcraft levels yourself. Best of luck.

I think I saw this before somewhere so get this.

Not much to say but the controls seem fine except you can bind one key to multiple functions. Jump stopping your forward movement or any momentum feels wrong and if you fix it there's no use for the climbing button but to maybe climb stairs and free up/down to be an interaction key, combat key(look up and hit upwards with your main attack).

Not too sure how you're supposed to get here either without momentum. I'm sure nothing needs to be said about visuals, but at least the cardboard enemies can be used. Best of luck.

Alright, hope to see some interesting developments even if multi-parry isn't included. Best of luck.

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Just so I get this out of the way while I'm currently re-running the demo for the costume since edited posts don't notify anyone. I'm running Windows 10 and I finally figured out the cause, it being a combination of the maximize button, alt+enter and resizing the screen. I must have done it instinctively after all these demos for full screen. You can ignore it if you prefer your current resizable button for the game's window or you can include true fullscreen. Quite literally mashing X will alone net you a glitch after a bit, debug it with unlimited magic. It's not exactly negative feedback more so to it being weird as there's(here's the part you need to touch up instead of possibly removing a characteristic affecting your character) no aura or any effects to display so. It doesn't have to be constant either, just bind it to the same frame as the dress moves(every 30 frames as an example) and you're golden. This can also apply when she's in a crouch-state, animate the back part of her dress to flow slightly restricted.

>I'm new to this and I didn't have the time to set this up, but the next time I enter for demo day, they will be present.

If this is the game you will be focused only on you can simply update it on this page as you go. It being in a demo-day doesn't restrict you to only updating it between demo day event cycles but alas. That's just the kind of example I see certain developers on here do, some don't but please choose whatever seems best in your situation.

>Onion head is a good insult for her. I might use that for dialogue

That was in no way an insult nor a bullying attempt but no worries, I'll be satisfied if you create one good demo for every 150 mentions of onion head in your game.

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I'll be editing this post when I obtain the 'alternative costume' as a reward for a good time and as a reminder for myself, testing out the dodge attack jump bug again to make sure(it's real and works on jump dodge too, seems to be in the same manner as projectile stacking with X)

You epic memers really need to be run out, clearing this under 3 minutes was a huge mistake.

Please add configurable key bindings as the default ones are horrible for me. I don't get the inclusion of a stamina bar as it's specific to the dodge mechanic and it's nigh useless in this demo for actual use of dodging yet good as an option to run faster.  The boss has various safe spots in his first second and third phase(you can keep him out of the screen in his third phase by shooting him out in a rhythm). So what really is the point of dodging then?  You implemented a much better mechanic with a single button combination (jump + dodge - which strangely also has about the same amount of i-frames that your regular dodge has making me question more concerning your decision to include the regular, stamina-like version) that also uses the green resource bar. At least with that I can make informed decisions around my current situation - do I need damage or do I need to make a quick dash to evade this next move? - as an example. One could argue you can just move out of the way in place of using your regular dodge with how the boss is designed currently and honestly it just feels tacked on for the sake of it. If you're fast enough at pressing X, you can consistently glitch out (some of) the cube projectiles into a single stack and they'll most of the time dissipate out of thin air causing frustration and massive damage loss. Get lucky and you just earned double the damage of one projectile when you shot out at least 10.

I'm also not aware as to why you included some sort of turn delay in your demo, it's awkward and possibly screws with the player's movement. Being able to turn instantly should be a given in these kind of games. A better option to scale your screen that doesn't lock you out from alt-tabbing would be sweet. Using your default attack locks you in place for a very short amount of time, but thankfully you're able to cancel it into a jump and retain movement, meaning the correct usage of this attack is directly tied to how well the player's knowledge of the controls are and his own skill which I do very much enjoy so thanks for that. Overall player movement is very decent. Certain enemies seem to only pose a minor inconvenience which is rapidly resolved by a grounded dodge. I also think I ran into an issue where if I rapidly pressed shift twice, once to roll, twice for the kick attack, then jumped I managed be able to kill one of those full-black flying robotic enemies by simply touching them. Don't really understand why the player's sprite when not moving seems to have a wildly flailing about dress when everything else about the character is static(mainly hair).

Actually, I just found out you can crouch cancel attacks(just like jump canceling) for zero resource usage. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like that you can cancel like this, but now it seems too strong although outright nerfing it or removing it seems wrong as it's a good interaction. Jump diving(single/double jump, down-forward C) seems too finicky, please alleviate the input leniency for that. Lastly, onion head spirit is cute. Best of luck on your continued improvement of the game, Oniondev.

I don't think I can properly judge or give feedback on these kind of games where I'm complete garbage at, sorry. The Ace Combat fans seem to be loving it for sure, maybe stop by /v/idya and ask them what they think of your game. They might be looking forward to 2018's Ace Combat, but I'm sure your game won't disappoint either. Good luck.

Dwarfs and Elves seem to be better than the rest comparing leaders and available content in this demo. AI really is poor and will focus on Dwarf Queen's statues over my units that are in range plus I can simply reform those statues at no cost and there's practically no cooldown on it. Elf leader's power shot travelling the whole map feels too good as she's able to walk and then use power shot. Seems like an alright game, best of luck.

'In-game' interactive menu is always nice to see. I don't get why is your camera so zoomed in on the player character, I'm able to see more of the bunny's skirt than the playable area, I'd be fine with this if it had someway to look ahead in a specific direction(up/down/left/right). I've had near to no reason to ever run, I could walk at a snail's pace and the falling platforms would still give me enough time to complete a level. Demo's short so not much else to say and cute art doesn't excuse this little content, at least your menu's pretty. You might also want to make a better distinction between background walls/terrain and 'actual' walls/terrain and that was the first thing I noticed right on your game's menu. Here's a screenshot to highlight it.

Blue circle for terrain that is present, red circle for what seems to be a wall that you can jump off of, a slight fade should do the trick. Include a tutorial or you can just draw a picture to include on the menu that you can double jump and jump off of walls. for the mechanics your game employs. Nothing else now, best of luck.

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Interesting take on pong. You do however have some major bugs and I'll provide a step-by-step so hopefully you can reproduce it. After failing mission 1-1, I bought another ship, failed mission 1-1 with ship no.1 and 2 destroyed. Started mission 1-1 once more, alt tabbed after hitting a key to start the level and since your game does requires focus to continue playing I alt tabbed right back in, nothing happened so far so I let the level run until my planet got destroyed and I got some cash. Re-did the level with the same procedures, hit alt-enter to go into window mode, alt tabbed as a test to make sure the application really needed focus and alt-tabbed plus alt-enter to return to fullscreen. After that was done, alien ship spawns never managed to enter the game space(always off-screen) and they self-destructed, allowing me to skip several sub levels(from 1-1 to 1-5) by just opening up a level, waiting for around 5 seconds and getting a mission complete. Add some description text to menu modes such a mission mode, their icons don't really tell me anything about them. Here's a small webm as an example of it happening.

Game seems fun so far, just gotta go through some necessary upgrades in order to bring in more cash than I spend repairing/buying anew.  Oh also, allow the player to collect the cash(or give whatever is on the field and will drop from an alien ship) before you transition to the level complete menu. Good luck.

It's okay, shame you only included a single enemy type in this demo. Radar would be nice to find neighbors. There's no drawback to constantly aiming, I would've imagined a slower movement speed whilst aiming. That's about it, no bugs found either. Good luck.

Why am I forced to move a set distance by the lightest touch of a movement key? It's very awkward to use and it affects jumps. There's no drawbacks to spamming magic attack as of now, so very little reason to ever step in melee range for the sole exception of when bats actually manage to get near you through your magical sword barrage. Settings menu(graphics, keybinds, etc) would be good. I have not ran into any bugs so that's alright. Not much else to say given how much content there is in this demo, at least the character looks cute. Good luck.

Seems like a nice demo. Necromancer was your best fight, old lefty on the other hand a bit dull as all you had to do for the majority of his fight is block. Maybe some power attacks could be added by holding down LMB, counter-attacks if you hit an enemy knight's sword mid flight or something to spice up gameplay, basically give the player more options. Checkpoint system seems okay, not sure if you intended for the player to be able to backtrack and 'farm' health and blood, though. Found no bugs during my run so I wish you good luck on your game.

Great options menu, alright tutorial with contextual tips that do not disappear but this particular font is hard to read at times. Didn't find any bugs or issues with the gameplay, gomen. With that said, gameplay seems pretty fast, smooth and fun. Player still has way too forgiving hitboxes and those hitboxes are just squares, not befitting any animation. I'd not have you change them based on difficulty, so give them a little tweak to correspond with their animation. Good luck on this game.

Please make the camera follow the mouse, not the other way around. Camera turning left when going right doesn't feel good especially after years of muscle memory on practically every game having the camera controlled the same way. Still on the issue of the camera, you cannot zoom out so you have to re-enter the windmill to reset the zoom level on the game. I tried to bump against the turtle and that ended screw up my camera. You also need re-check your wall collisions and whatnot because I can easily get stuck(I'm able to walk backwards on this one thankfully) whenever I jump over an entrance and into the wall. 

That's one example, and in this following webm you have a whole load of other issues especially since there's no menu in-game for a quick reset or checkpoints. You're very much able to fall down(you can't even look up or down with how you setup the player camera controls) and possibly never reset above ground.

Game seems interesting to say the least, so I hope you'll take the time to improve your game. Good luck.

Combat doesn't feel meaningful and the AI tends to get stuck on objects with the added fact that you can easily strike them as they won't be able to strike back. I haven't got much else to go on, so good luck.

No comment section, posting here. Keyboard controls for fast swapping terrain objects are a good idea if you can pair it with the ability to also use your mouse when going through the advanced list for a specific terrain. Layer system seems to work and whenever I enter play mode and attempt to return to edit mode it will always crash on me. Add a zoom in/out function, full screen and you're golden.

Well, it's something that is  somehow running at 12 frames per second. Good luck.

No comment section on game page so I'll post what little I have here. Your third and last level is where you should've started building up from. Unfortunately I don't have any other suggestions for a game this short, sorry. Best of luck, though.

I've played spider-man games and the like but this swinging here feels off. You can't correctly propel yourself forward and building speed feels awkward. Combat is for a lack of a better word, lacking. Wallrunning is also odd, most of the time I tend to be forced to run sideways instead of upward when directly swinging into a wall, camera facing it. Took me a while to understand the grapple cooldown was tied to the green orb strapped to your back. Sliding feels good although the speed lines obstruct most of the screen and with near to no character feedback even figuring out if you're turning is hard, perhaps make them fewer and sharper? Other than that, no bugs on my side as of yet, good luck on improving these issues.