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Lights out is a game where you use the power of light to purify strange creatures in a dungeon for some reason
Submitted by Phantomcorps (@PhantomcorpsStu) — 6 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline

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No comment section on game page so I'll post what little I have here. Your third and last level is where you should've started building up from. Unfortunately I don't have any other suggestions for a game this short, sorry. Best of luck, though.


Thanks dude!


On my first playthrough, I didn't even realize there were multiple levels. Did you add working doors to a later version? The third level was cool, yeah. I never figured out what the red light was for, though. Did you have something special planned for that?

It's cool what you did with the light-based system, but all in all I'd say I like where you're going with Arrow Pit more. But I think it'll work out no matter what project you ultimately decide to work on.

Developer (1 edit)

Many thanks! 

The red light will show hidden objects in later versions, also we are still learning how to work with colors and stuff gotta figure out a way to make the doors stand out more, we will post the newer version of arrowpit sometime soon as well.
As soon as I figure out how to make the multiplayer playable arrow pit will make a comeback.

I guess the game only goes to about the third level, ey?

Never did figure out quite how to really kill things or anything, not that it seemed to really matter. The little tech demo in the third level was easily the best idea of the lot, having to switch between the three types of lanterns to figure out where you were and how to get around. That definitely has potential, liked messing with that.

Only real criticism I have, in as early a state as this is, would be to just not have a brown character on a brown background. Placeholders or no. Other than that, good luck!


Thanks for the feedback, we are still working out the combat mechanics and other stuff, we are still learning how to make things stand out in colors but it is a promice that next time will will be better and better again!
The as you said, the first two levels were just about working the other mechanics out, the game's gimmick is the third stage, on future versions the batteries will be scarse and the player will balance the battery charge through the rooms.