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Dream Fight 16 A.D.View game page

Something resembling a 2D Fighter for Sega Dreamcast
Submitted by Captain Dreamcast (@CaptDreamcast) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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First fight was easy, spam any attack button and you win.

sonic was quite glitchy for me. my character was out of screen most of the time. I was able to start my ultimate combo (spam q or w) but then sonic started comboed me to the outside of screen, which felt unfair


There's a real story behind the Sonic character. It's the thrilling tale of a dumbdev who thought it was a good idea to add a new character two days before release.  Honestly, the Sonic fight is garbage. There was a better Sonic character with less broken attacks, but that one didn't fit in memory.

AI is kind of an interesting thing with MUGEN, since you don't really know much about what each command is associated with. The original MUGEN and this port use the "just press random commands" approach, but I think modern MUGENs have proper AI built in. It's something that needs a large amount of tweaking though.

Anyway, thanks for playing, I hope you didn't fall victim to the random web freeze of death!


I totally forgot this wasn't real M.U.G.E.N. while playing. I'll never stop being impressed by people doing stuff like this for consoles. Only issue I found was characters getting stuck at the stage's left corner for a brief moment, mostly while jumping, but nothing game breaking they just feel floaty for a couple of seconds.
Is a shame web version freezes so much, because in my opinion a "Browser M.U.G.E.N." is also mind blowing.
I'm not sure if you have a devlog, but if you don't you should make one, I would like to know more about the limitations you have to work while doing this in a less technical way than the one explained on the forums you have linked on the game's page. Good Job!


Thanks man! There are still a ton of parsing mistakes, especially with Sonic. He seems to have a weird throw that makes KFM float in the air. I mean Sonic has lots of weird attacks, but the one where he points and goes all "Za Warudo" on the other character takes the cake.

The web version is an eternal journey. I'm really feeling bad about abusing Demo Day as Debug Day repeatedly. Maybe DD17 will finally feature a game that doesn't get overshadowed by its technical issues.

Tumblr has a more generous character limit, right? I'll try and start posting tidbits of interesting stuff there. Compared to the other Dreamcast projects going on, it's not that interesting though. Most dreamcastdevs have now reached the level where their games are indistinguishable from proper Dreamcast games.

Yeah, but thanks for the feedback! It's really appreciated.

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The floating issue I mentioned is probably that Sonic throw then.
And don't worry I think Demo Day is meant to be Debug Day to some degree too. When you have been working on something too much you tend to oversee things but others won't, that's why others feedback is so helpful.
I'm not sure if tumblr has an actual character limit, but I have written pretty long entries there. You can also keep a devlog for each game here on itch, but for a more general, or talking about various projects tumblr is probably a better option.
Again, great job, and I'm glad I can be helpful!


I've won by spamming one punch button every round, but since this is the first fighting game i'm good at, i'm counting this as a positive.

Browser version worked perfectly, the Enter button skipped text for some reason as long as it was held, i expected per line skips.


I find it hard to put in words how glad I am it didn't crash for you. You might just be the chosen one the prophecies foretold.
But seriously, thanks man. I'll try and rewrite the explanation for the Enter button.


Good windows port.

The browser version also locked up after the story sequence every time after the first. That first time however, it only locked up when I beat Beat. 

As for the Dreamcast port I'm a lazy ass who still doesn't have RGB cables or Dreamcast friendly cd-roms, so that's out of the question.

What I was able to play though seemed like mugen ass mugen, albiet with a d-tier beat. Mima's de-confirmed though, so that's a bummer.


Totally forgot about that VS runtime requirement. Yeah, the windows distribution is a mess, held together by chewing gum and enough DLLs to kill a small elephant. It's also completely resistant to any of my trillion fixing attempts. Got a good feeling with number trillion-and-one though!

The Dreamcast version this time around doesn't need a light gun so it works with every input cable. I guess that leaves the CD-Rs. The only thing I can say is "Never ever use the golden Sony CD-Rs". I don't know why, but those were always coasters when burning proper Dreamcast games on them. They looked so pretty too, it's really a shame.

The web version's shambling along. After nobody said anything during the Ludum Dare game I thought it was fixed.  So much for that.

But man, you really showed dedication going through all the versions. I'm sure in Demo Day 17 everything will work out of the box, so your sacrifice won't have been in vain ;_;7