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Thanks man! There are still a ton of parsing mistakes, especially with Sonic. He seems to have a weird throw that makes KFM float in the air. I mean Sonic has lots of weird attacks, but the one where he points and goes all "Za Warudo" on the other character takes the cake.

The web version is an eternal journey. I'm really feeling bad about abusing Demo Day as Debug Day repeatedly. Maybe DD17 will finally feature a game that doesn't get overshadowed by its technical issues.

Tumblr has a more generous character limit, right? I'll try and start posting tidbits of interesting stuff there. Compared to the other Dreamcast projects going on, it's not that interesting though. Most dreamcastdevs have now reached the level where their games are indistinguishable from proper Dreamcast games.

Yeah, but thanks for the feedback! It's really appreciated.

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The floating issue I mentioned is probably that Sonic throw then.
And don't worry I think Demo Day is meant to be Debug Day to some degree too. When you have been working on something too much you tend to oversee things but others won't, that's why others feedback is so helpful.
I'm not sure if tumblr has an actual character limit, but I have written pretty long entries there. You can also keep a devlog for each game here on itch, but for a more general, or talking about various projects tumblr is probably a better option.
Again, great job, and I'm glad I can be helpful!