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Pretty fun, some levels bugged out when I started them but then played when I refreshed the page, I think if you get better UI and make like 20 - 40 more levels, people would be willing to buy it on steam or here on itch already, you are gonna make it

Things seems to be working combat wise, I think you gotta either polish the UI in the combat a bit more or make the characters portraits look simpler, keep up the good work

I like the movements, maybe pause the game when I can pick up an item so I can think about it and read the text?

I quite like it, it feels as if there is some stuff I am not figuring out though, also maybe make the bullets pile a little less at the start? it doesnt feel like I am shooting those rivers of bullets that pile up currently, maybe after some upgrades?

Hello, Depending on the story I might be interested in helping,I sent you a request on discord

It should be ok now, sorry for the trouble and thanks for commenting!

opsie, gimme a sec!

Posted in the last minute, we've been working on this thingie for a while but there is still lots of work to do.

Well time to sleep i guess.

I think every once in a while I will come back to this one to make more levels.

Very fun, in the end, the strongest enemy was myself

Thanks dude!

Thanks for the feedback, we are still working out the combat mechanics and other stuff, we are still learning how to make things stand out in colors but it is a promice that next time will will be better and better again!
The as you said, the first two levels were just about working the other mechanics out, the game's gimmick is the third stage, on future versions the batteries will be scarse and the player will balance the battery charge through the rooms.

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Many thanks! 

The red light will show hidden objects in later versions, also we are still learning how to work with colors and stuff gotta figure out a way to make the doors stand out more, we will post the newer version of arrowpit sometime soon as well.
As soon as I figure out how to make the multiplayer playable arrow pit will make a comeback.

When the full version comes out i will buy for sure!

I like your stuff man!

very rare to see new games being made for old consoles, the dream still lives.

keep it up!

nice little game, a little more enemy variety would be nice, gotta work on the soundtrack tho, good job!

We are fixing the online first so we dont have too much headaches later, we hope for the next jam we can get it done.

Thanks for playing!


Also are working the online out asap. Thanks for trying our game!

Thanks bud, we will do our best!