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Good Night, KnightView game page

Stealth and heavy-hitting melee combat are combined in this charming 16-bit sneak-and-slash adventure.
Submitted by RedEmber (@RedEmber_) — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline

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I was confused that ESC didn't popup a menu. The way the view moved with the mouse felt weird at first, but I got used to it while moving, but not inside the tent. The pause before the sword swing is a little annoying, wish it was faster. I got confused when trying to shield at first because due to the orientation it wasn't showing up (clipped by the player sprite I guess) so I thought it was maybe broken. The tips text character was a lot at once. Saving after killing the dog was a nice touch. The music was really quiet, and I didn't have any sound I don't think.  I suck at action games, sorry I didn't get farther!


Great feedback, thanks! There will be a menu when pressing Esc but it's not in yet. The tips right now are pretty much placeholder, I'll improve on it. Excellent info, thanks again.


I played it for about 20 minutes and couldn't make any real progress.  and that's a shame because this seems like the kind of game I've wanted for a long time.  Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like it would take forever to get enough resources to make the most basic healing item, so if you die once you're pretty much screwed because you're stuck at 50 health. there should be an easier way to get healing items, maybe a similar system to the estus flasks in dark souls with potions that refill every time you go back to your tent. 

roguelikes hold the player's interest by giving the player random loot. I didn't feel as motivated to continue  once I found the 1 chest in the level. It seems like it would be easy to make a bunch of items that just improve stats by small increments. their effects would compound and give the player a good sense of progression. But I bet that you already plan on doing something like this.

I'm eager to see where you go from here, this has a lot of potential.


Hey thanks for the feedback, raised the pickups drop rate and other related values, it really was kind of low. Will keep improving things around!


When the full version comes out i will buy for sure!


Combat feels pretty good, at times disorienting only having the arrow as an indication of your direction. When ganged up on it felt like the marker got easily lost. Still, both blocking and attack was easy to understand and use.  I got a bit confused at the start of the demo as I had a hard time figuring out how to "use" stuff.  I had accidentally selected the armor(?) in the room (it was glowing green) and I couldn't leave the tent. Took me a embarrassingly long time to leave the tent.

I also picked up a bunch of stuff that I didn't really figure out what it was.  Maybe more hints or a tutorial could be good for the game.  I enjoyed playing this though.

:Also some sound effects could really give it some extra juice.


There's a fun dynamic to the way everything is designed, having a simple bobbing knight to epic music while in the dark caves. I do agree it's strange that the knight has a sword, yet he swings a second sword. I would ask for animations, but I feel it goes against what you are trying to convey stylistically. Seeing this is also an online game intrigues me too. Knight customization when?

Good progress so far!


To be frank, I couldn't figure out how to get out of the tent; I couldn't find a use key and walking into the bottom of it didn't do anything.  I didn't like how stepping anywhere near sleeping bag gravitates you towards it


Walking through the exit in the bottom exits the tent, no use key needed, but only the area on the bottom-center registers as the "exit". I'll make the hitbox wider, never thought about it but you're right it's kind of narrow.


I was rubbing up against the whole width of the wall and nothing happened. I think the trigger must've just broke.


i died twice and gave up, also i killed the dog


Wow, this was a joy to look at (with a few exceptions).

Everything is beautiful and deliberate, but the lack of character animation really kills it. Sword swinging around or the shield rotating around you WHILE you still hold both is really weird and off-putting, combined with a somewhat clunky combat that doesn't feel good, this was just frustrating and i opted to sprint through the areas rather than try to fight monsters.

Also, both having a field of view and having object appear out of thin air is just wrong. Keep one, but not the other, surprise thorny bushes are not fun. If you really want to keep both, make it so the objects are drawn as silhouettes, but you don't know if it's a tree or an enemy or what.

Also, you can use the mouse in the main menu, but you have to enter the name with a keyboard and can't press OK with a mouse.


Looks and plays fairly nice.  Some of the fights feel like you should be hitting the enemies, but you pass right through them and get wrecked.  Perhaps make the player attack hitboxes bigger.  I think the default speed is a bit slow despite the run button.

The menu is pretty great coming in the sides.  I think this game has some great potential with some sound effects and perhaps better player control/attack hitboxes.


Video review!