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Nope, that's now fixed. Thanks.

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Hey, I'm working on a proper demo, it was too time consuming maintaining that one while there's so many changes going on, better have just the main game as the focus right now.

Neat game! But also evil difficult. The camera seems too zoomed in for how fast paced it is and that area right in the beginning after the walljump section was ruthless. Also I had to minimize it and it sent me back to the main menu.

Great feedback, thanks! There will be a menu when pressing Esc but it's not in yet. The tips right now are pretty much placeholder, I'll improve on it. Excellent info, thanks again.

Hey thanks for all the feedback, right now you can skip the slow-mo by pressing Tab, I'll add a disable option too for sure. The next update will probably break saves too, but I'll avoid it as much as possible after that.

Hey thanks for the feedback, raised the pickups drop rate and other related values, it really was kind of low. Will keep improving things around!

Looking sweet. There's a whole lot going on, impressive.

Two buttons for dash seems wasteful, but I get that the dashing is a big mechanic. Maybe it could be just one key for dashing, and if no movement key is pressed it does a backdash based on the direction the player is facing, but then dashing forwards while crouched would probably feel very wrong.

Difficulty level seems very good, easy was properly easy, hard properly challenging without going overboard.

I felt like there could be a bit more of a grace period when the pink things hits you. Maybe higher damage, even close to double, but have it in a way that you get a fair amount of time readjust.

Walking through the exit in the bottom exits the tent, no use key needed, but only the area on the bottom-center registers as the "exit". I'll make the hitbox wider, never thought about it but you're right it's kind of narrow.