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Beat up a boss that likes to stomp a lot
Submitted by Ogier (@Ogier_Dev) — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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Good stuff! Really good set of core movement options and abilities. The boss is well telegraphed and the difficulties really make a difference, but it never feels unfair. I was surprised I couldn't air dash or make ice blocks while fighting the boss, I was looking forward to flying around and doing some dumb shit. Shockwave attack got me locked inside of it pretty much every time, more knockback to the player or some iframes might help. Its lookin better every time I see it!


This is so awesome! Everything flows smoothly and naturally. I love how every attack is telegraphed (even with the placeholder sprites) and with each game over and restart it makes you feel like you're getting better instead of frustrated. Plz nerf the ice puck attack because once you discover it, the fight at any difficulty becomes a matter of waiting for a downtime in the attacks and spamming down +X/Y really fast. 

I can't wait to see more bosses! Keep it up!


Looking sweet. There's a whole lot going on, impressive.

Two buttons for dash seems wasteful, but I get that the dashing is a big mechanic. Maybe it could be just one key for dashing, and if no movement key is pressed it does a backdash based on the direction the player is facing, but then dashing forwards while crouched would probably feel very wrong.

Difficulty level seems very good, easy was properly easy, hard properly challenging without going overboard.

I felt like there could be a bit more of a grace period when the pink things hits you. Maybe higher damage, even close to double, but have it in a way that you get a fair amount of time readjust.


Thanks for playing. You are able to change dash types in the Gameplay menu under Options so if you want to use the other default right dash button for something else you can rebind it. I'll have to adjust the slow shockwave as that is the most common complaint.

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Absolutely digging the core movement you have, as it reminds me a lot of the evasive options in Castlevania, which is my kind of gameplay. One suggestion I have is that when you jump from a backdash you carry your momentum with you in the air. Animation on the character is fantastic, I'm a little bit jealous of how smooth it is.

Good progress!


Thanks. The backdash functions exactly the same as the forward dash, so holding down either dash button while dashing then jumping will keep that extra speed from dashing if you hold down left or right (you can come to a complete stop and still keep the potential max speed/acceleration as long as the dash button is still held). Letting go of the dash button removes the potential speed. Holding down the dash button while jump kicking off of a wall does a similar thing as well.


Rebinding space to space makes it work, though I'd prefer something like Shift (which doesn't appear to be bindable yet). Also, in case nobody else notices and appreciates it, it's nice how you made the tutorial change the displayed buttons depending on what button is set to the command.

I wonder how you're going to add in all the different elemental attacks. Is it one at a time?

Either way, it's a cool demo. You really nailed that fluid gameplay. Looking forward to where it goes in the future!


Thanks. The lightning attacks are in, but they can only be used in the tutorial/dummy room. Fire attacks are going under a revision right now. Gameplay wise, you'd get the core moveset of the magic all at once, then the special moveset (which is utility focused) at some other point.


Well, jumping (space) does not work, I binded it to another key and it started working.

It is funny how the first thing that tutorial teaches you is exiting the tutorial.

The controls are a bit too much for me, I will give this one another go when I have my controller

Impressive as always. Stone Boss fight is really fun and challenging. Love how smooth the player's animations are but sometimes stuff like turning around, jumping and crouching can feel a little "laggy" because of it, increasing the speed of those animations a little could fix it, unless it's inteded to be that way. 
Had the same issues others had with the small spikes coming out of the ground, but the fight still felt fair to me.
Great art on the difficulty settings too. I'm afraid I'll miss all the funny placeholders once you replace them.


Pretty good! Noo i-frames after getting hit got me receiving damage from the travelling spikes too many times and it was the most annoying attack, the rest were fair.

Took me a while to figure out to pay attention to placeholder graphics, but i guess once the animations are in, it'll get considerable better.

Keep at it, it's going great!


Everything was indeed daijoubu.

Other than the obvious 'give it graphics', the boss's projectiles that skate along the ground should probably disappear after hitting the player once, so stupid idiots like me don't travel with it and get hurt more. The boss is also really easy to cheese by just being up in his face the entire time and doing the launcher.


Holy fuck man this game's becoming so awesome. The only part about the boss I had trouble with was the little squares that come out of the ground, they could be telegraphed better, but other than that this game gets better and better every time I see it.