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Just so I get this out of the way while I'm currently re-running the demo for the costume since edited posts don't notify anyone. I'm running Windows 10 and I finally figured out the cause, it being a combination of the maximize button, alt+enter and resizing the screen. I must have done it instinctively after all these demos for full screen. You can ignore it if you prefer your current resizable button for the game's window or you can include true fullscreen. Quite literally mashing X will alone net you a glitch after a bit, debug it with unlimited magic. It's not exactly negative feedback more so to it being weird as there's(here's the part you need to touch up instead of possibly removing a characteristic affecting your character) no aura or any effects to display so. It doesn't have to be constant either, just bind it to the same frame as the dress moves(every 30 frames as an example) and you're golden. This can also apply when she's in a crouch-state, animate the back part of her dress to flow slightly restricted.

>I'm new to this and I didn't have the time to set this up, but the next time I enter for demo day, they will be present.

If this is the game you will be focused only on you can simply update it on this page as you go. It being in a demo-day doesn't restrict you to only updating it between demo day event cycles but alas. That's just the kind of example I see certain developers on here do, some don't but please choose whatever seems best in your situation.

>Onion head is a good insult for her. I might use that for dialogue

That was in no way an insult nor a bullying attempt but no worries, I'll be satisfied if you create one good demo for every 150 mentions of onion head in your game.

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lol no worries about the onion head. I think it's a cute comparison!

I definitely plan to update this specific build the further I go along. Once it's finished, it's a new submission to keep it fresh.

Sorry for memes. :v