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This little bit is the progress I had for Demo Day 16. Eventually, more stuff will be added and the game will be in a complete state.
I hope to make it a fully fleshed out game in the end!

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lol no worries about the onion head. I think it's a cute comparison!

I definitely plan to update this specific build the further I go along. Once it's finished, it's a new submission to keep it fresh.

Sorry for memes. :v

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Thank you for the thorough critique! Let me bullet point out a few responses:

  • I will add config keys next time. I'm new to this and I didn't have the time to set this up, but the next time I enter for demo day, they will be present.
  • The air dash actually doesn't have any I-Frames. Rolling allows quick movement without spending magic. If I didn't have a stamina bar though, it would be extremely OP. I still want to work out the kinks of it though with balancing, so I imagine it will be extremely different or possibly not even in the game at all once all the abilities and actions are in. I could always just remove the I-frames though. Not sure.
  • Some haven't found those safe spots, but I agree, the player shouldn't be able to stand there indefinitely for the entire fight.
  • There's an issue with the projectiles firing. I have no idea how people are pressing X so fast to glitch them out, as I haven't been able to recreate the scenario myself. This will be the third time I reworked them from scratch, as it was one of the first things I made in the game.
  • Turn delay a byproduct of the way movement is being handled. It should be instant like the turning in Castlevania, so that will be fixed. Thank you for pointing it out.
  • Alt Tabbing should work still even with screen being resized. What version of Windows are you using? I'm worried about version differences affecting the game.
  • You might of caused the hitbox to stay active after the kick. That's an easy fix. Will do so.
  • So many opinions about the dress, lol. The idea was to make it move actively because of her inner energy as a light spirit. I didn't want to have her just standing there blinking, but if it's getting a lot of negative feedback, I'll just have to change it.
  • Downward Kick might be changed where it will be inputted after a third jump and angled whichever direction the player is holding (so even completely down). Tackling to the attack button does seem strange, I agree. Will change.
  • Onion head is a good insult for her. I might use that for dialogue. :^)

Thank you for the feedback! Can't wait to hear more when you get the costume!

  • She is. Thank you!
  • I don't quite understand...
  • I worked hard on it. Everyone's feedback helped make it the best I could make it.
  • Good to hear. I had to rush him in.
  • I'm sorry! There will be attacks that have multi-hits with single press, so it should support multiple play styles.

I do apologize for such a linear level, lol. When I have map screens working, I will definitely work on the first official area for next demo day. I'm going to write out my responses while watching the video here:

  • saw two bugs that are very annoying (Layna pushing wall in wrong direction, projectile stacking when spamming frame perfect). Will fix.
  • I do have it set to a gradual increase when turning directions, but I agree, it should be more instantaneous when in full run. More snap.
  • I plan on adding an action when pressing dash in air while not moving. Not sure what it will be yet though.
  • bug in animation when dying during attack animation. Will fix.
  • there will be more options to beat the boss, as you'll have more weapons to use (such as a projectile that acts like an axe throw in Castlevania). That should help out with the difficulty a little more as well as when leveling up is added. I haven't gotten around to the final design and progression for them yet. Roll is very useful and I saw that you weren't using it to dodge his attacks, so I'll have to keep that in mind on how to let the player know that rolling is really good in the game's official tutorial section.
  • you were attacking in the air with three rapid strikes. Wasn't even aware three was possible. Impressive!

I think one of the great things I saw from your video is the amount of time it generally takes for the player to understand the boss's attack pattern, spacing, and overall feel. I am sinister sometimes, so I was amused when the boss caught you in its slam when transitioning to phase 2. I will add though a slight little rise to the boss before he slams down which will help telegraph the attack more.

Thank you for playing the demo, your feedback, and also the video!

Don't worry, I do plan on having plenty of projectile upgrades in the long run. Thank you for playing the demo!

I think I had Vsync turned off for this build, so that may be why it was not displaying the flash correctly. Just know that as long as it is making that hit sound, you are doing damage.

Thank you for playing the demo and the feedback!

Thank you for playing and the feedback! I hope to eventually make bigger enemies that take up a lot of space or are highly aggressive, as right now these are just the few beginning ones.

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Thank you for playing the game and the feedback!

I agree, figuring out how to make stamina work is a pain. My reasoning behind its implementation though is that it help make rolling be less OP, as it has invincibility frames. It also helps prevent me from making more difficult enemies and bosses. Stamina management is easier for the player than quick reflexes. I am thinking of reworking some of its elements though, as currently it will also disable backdashing, which while it does promote that sense of sudden danger, it is a bit frustrating and almost offensive. I do like the idea of the projectiles being a much shorter range and will implement that.

It's the endgame sword so that's why lol

Currently that is a feature, but if playtesting sessions dictate a problem in the future, then I will have to make some animations for it. I will need to look at how fast the recharge is though, so thank you for pointing that out. The basic attack's hitlength is long on purpose, as it is the last weapon in the game. If you are able to beat the game fast enough, you'll also see how terrible the first starting weapon is.

Thank you for the feedback and for playing the demo!

I honestly don't know which one is the right word, that's how basic I am with the genre lol.

The music is definitely placeholder music until I compose something actually worthwhile. Thanks for playing!

I like the concept going here as well as the design of the character. It's a bit barebones atm so it's hard for me to give strong feedback, but I will keep an eye on your progress. Keep it up!

There's a fun dynamic to the way everything is designed, having a simple bobbing knight to epic music while in the dark caves. I do agree it's strange that the knight has a sword, yet he swings a second sword. I would ask for animations, but I feel it goes against what you are trying to convey stylistically. Seeing this is also an online game intrigues me too. Knight customization when?

Good progress so far!

Thank you for playing as well as the feedback! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

The jumping in relation with the running while firing has been fixed, so you were playing an outdated build unfortunately. The rolling being set to SHIFT has been giving mixed feedback from players, but this will automatically be fixed once I have keybinding.

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I feel like you can go really fast in this game given there are multiple options for defense and attack. Looking forward to further progress!

It's very much like a Souls game! Everything that I wanted to say has already been said here. Thank you for having graphic options for accessibility.

Looking forward to further progress!

It's been a while since I played a flight sim game, and my laptop barely held on. It was a lot of fun though maneuvering the plane and seeing how to evade the missiles. Good UI in combat.

Here's what I can give feedback on:

The shader on the fog is very nice and I like the whole pixel 3D look to the game with the enemies being well animated sprites. One thing I find slightly annoying is how slow the buildup to the sword swing is. Dashing and the other moves feel tight and responsive though.

Visually, it looks great. I definitely want to see more!

The model work is super cute! It was hard for me to utilize the camera effectively, but I managed in the end after getting caught a few times. I do think that the rock throwing is a bit confusing since I don't know where I'm throwing it. I think one way for this to be fixed is have it where the camera goes first person and you can throw the rock in the air or at an angle. It was also hard figuring out ways to use running to my advantage other than just running away from the booby wolves. I did manage to juke them a couple of times, but I could never use it and not get noticed.

One time though I was in the bushes and the wolf from the beginning somehow heard my rock in the fallen trunk area and walked pass me. It startled me but I'm glad I wasn't caught. The two wolves in the rock maze got stuck together for a bit and wouldn't move until one of them noticed me. Other than that, the AI was very well done.

I'm looking forward to the full game, booby wolves and all!

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Absolutely digging the core movement you have, as it reminds me a lot of the evasive options in Castlevania, which is my kind of gameplay. One suggestion I have is that when you jump from a backdash you carry your momentum with you in the air. Animation on the character is fantastic, I'm a little bit jealous of how smooth it is.

Good progress!

Aww, this was cute!

The levels felt very natural and dying didn't become as frustrating as it could be with the little sfx and simple but effective sprites. The pixel art is adorable. I only wished there was just a bit more to play through.

Good progress!

(Do you happen to have a tumblr blog by chance?)

I enjoyed this! It's like a click adventure but in a big desktop user interface. It has the whole cheezy hacker vibe to it, I think it works out. I slowly started to get around what everything does to the point I tried to right click to delete a duplicate website page I star'd in the web browser. Navigating everything in a DOS box was interesting and engaging. The character interactions are nicely designed.

A part of me thinks that you included some robust DOS commands or easter eggs even, but unfortunately it's been years since I have actively used it for navigation and execution lol.

Good progress, keep it up!

Okay, I have a ton of things to say.

Player Movement

I can already tell that you like Metroid from the gameplay alone and I realized that the moment the little insect started spinning in the air. I think that the amount of time it takes for the player to start movement at their max player input speed (even while dashing) is a tiny bit too long, making it feel a little stiff.  Increase the amount it adds a little bit more. I think it would also help that the player can keep on moving even after landing from a jump. The reason why I say this is because the insect is a little guy, but he doesn't feel like a guy. If these movement properties are still desired, I think they can be applied based on the hammer he has. So like, the small wooden hammer wouldn't affect him much, but an iron hammer would a tad bit more. It's an idea I'm throwing out.

Now when it comes to aerial movement though, I wouldn't change a single thing. Jumps are tight, the spin jumping is as expected and faithful to Metroid, and yes, I can infinite walljump. Make sequence breaking a thing!

The only thing I didn't like in the core movement options was the way rolling is handled. Two buttons for two directions are a bit odd on keyboard, but I can see how it would be useful on a gamepad with shoulder buttons.

The Hammer

Swinging feels good, hard, and obeys directional input even mid swing. That captures the feeling of swinging around a big 'o' hammer very well. I also found out that swinging the hammer in the air lets the insect float for a little bit, but with the right timing, he can actually float up a bit higher, like if it was the game's version of bomb jumping. Granted, it takes a while to get to point B doing so and the timing almost has to be frame perfect. Keep it in though for those that like that kind of stuff. Doing the multi-hit with hammer was satisfying, but I have yet to figure out how to do it on command rather than spamming on my first run.

Visuals and Theme

I dig the visuals. I think it's nice that there are some tiles that aren't physical backdrops because it promotes exploration much more just like how it is in, you guess it, Metroid. Figuring out where I can go is part of the fun. The game is atmospheric, but I find the fog effect to be a little too fast, which disrupts that immersion slightly. It's also a pretty dark setting for such a character, ball cap and all. Having a juxtaposition in the beginning with like a bright setting before he gets thrown down there will help that out more, but I think you have something like that planned anyway. Good pixel art.


I think this covers all of my first thoughts. The core game is very engaging which makes me want to play it more. I look forward to more progress from you!

As short as it was, I was very pleased figuring out what to do and what the controls were. The movement change once you obtain your mech is oddly satisfying despite how it's a downgrade in terms of speed. It captures the sudden bulkiness when you finally get it and it's a nice confirmation that yay you got the thing. Realizing it was also a spring was fun to figure out. I ran into one bug where if you fall down super fast, you get stuck in the floor and can't move horizontally. Jumping out of the ground though fixed it, so it's not a frustrating collision bug.

Visuals remind me of older games like on the Atari, so I wouldn't mind seeing you explore that further with changing the environment or using different color pallets for areas. Maybe an option for a CRTV shader?

Good progress!

I enjoyed the option to have gravity affect everything. It's a small difference that spices it up! I had to max out the mouse sensitivity  in order to really move the ship effectively, but other than that, it was fine to control.

I think UI needs to be explored more. as the color choice was very dark. Of course, I can see how that is not the most important thing to work on though. It's been fun watching the progress in the threads.

Good work!

It unfortunately ran at one fps for me, but I think that's because my laptop hates gamemaker sometimes if I don't restart it. Good start though, keep the progress up.

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I'm not a shmoop kind of guy, so I don't know if there are any that use a dash ability, but it caught me off guard seeing that being a thing. Having long lasers as an obstacle to dodge would make its usefulness more evident. Do explore more with it!

Good progress!

I am calm now.

Simple but very enjoyable and I can see how playing with friends would make the game a lot more fun. The fact that it can be played online on a web browser helps with accessibility. With a little more visual flair and some nice music, it can be a solid game!

Good progress!

(it's only been three turns)

Thank you for the feedback and observations! Those two bugs have been the most persistent since demo launch, but I'll make sure to iron them out.


Like is an understatement of what I think about Castlevania. :)
I'm sorry there were no Joypad controls. I'll add them for the next demo day though.
Thank you for the feedback!

Hey guys! I've added the fixes to the most recent build and updated the download:

  • Double Jump now has height variability
  • Removed halt in jump velocity if player let goes of jump input early
  • Projectile attack  can now be fired in the air
  • Added health pickups
  • Decreased Boss Phase 1 health from 500 units to 450
  • Destroying Boss projectiles now drop magic/health pickups
  • Boss projectile is fired more often in third phase
  • Added knockback to boss when damaged in third phase
  • Fixed flag issue when player re-enters the boss room after dying in the third phase
  • Fixed bug where second area music would not play
  • Adjusted roll obstacle at the beginning to take up one block of X space

Thank you guys for your feedback and suggestions!

Thank you for the feedback!
  • The slide width has been adjusted to one block length now as suggested.
  • You can also cancel your whips into a roll or backdash. It is a tech skill that is not conveyed in these kind of games, but if the boss is being an annoyance in this way, I'll see if I can add some knockback to the boss to prevent players from needing to soak damage.
  • It is op yes, as it is the last weapon in the game :) , but if players beat the demo fast enough, they'll be able to play it again with the weakest weapon in the game. I hope people will like the quick easter egg made for demo day if they do beat it fast enough!
  • The text! Yeah, I have no idea why there is antialiasing on it, as Fusion just tries to make it "prettier" for you when it really isn't. A lot of the text is definitely temporary though and I'm looking into workarounds that prevent that from happening.

Thank you for the feedback! People have reported some major issues with the projectile attack, I had to quickly update the game to disable it. I'm working on an update to fix that as fast as I can and have it work on the boss as well as in the air. I'm glad you enjoyed the current progress!

Thank you for trying out the build and your feedback! The music should of played after you enter the room again from that one corridor, but if it didn't play, I'll have to look through and figure out where it's not starting.