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Thank you for the extensive feedback!

A lot of it is already on my ever-growing TODO list, and some have been already fixed in my working copy, but i'll make sure to fix everything eventually.

Thanks for playing!

Which charge attacks are you referring to, the staff shooting? I'm planning on making that more snappy.

As for melee attacks, i can't agree with you there, as a bunch of games have weighty attacks (monster hunter, dark souls) and it accomplishes the goal of risk and reward in combat well.  Even some melee fps games have that, such as chivalry, and it's arguably one of the best melee combat games.

I agree on the color variation and general look of the environment, it will need to be refined in the future.

The difference between characters is not crazy, but they do have different perks, and you can immediately tell the difference in what some stats do when playing the brute/barbarian character VS wizard for example.

Also working on fixing the inputs you mentioned, i can of course add extra options for the FoV issue to accomodate people who don't like it

Thank you! Will watch.

Thanks for playing! I am trying to work all the UI issues out.

Could you expand on why the mouse restriction is an issue in windowed mode? It should unlock your mouse when you are in a menu; but if it's not locked during gameplay, you would constantly be clicking outside your window as you drag the camera around to look.. at least that is the case on Windows.

As for the graphical issues, i can't really debug why they happen, linux builds are not that reliable.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, i will have to investigate a bunch of of the issues you mention (graphical and sounds), they were already at the back of my mind for a while.

As for the graphical glitches, i know people on linux got them, i can't really debug it.. it's probably just a linux thing.

The enemies do hear you from behind, but only if you are sprinting; i guess i can make dashing count as well.

You should give wizard a try if you are having issues, i think it's the easiest starting class.

I think that issue may be related to vsync settings, which i will implement properly in the next build.
The food eating is a good idea, i will implement it.

Thanks, i will investigate.

Thanks for the interest! I'm working on another game for now, "Breakweapons".  Give it a try if you like gunmetal! (make sure to download the standalone, the web version runs badly)

The asset workload of making 3d enemies, sounds, code, etc. all alone proved to be too much for a solo developer  

Thanks for the feedback!

I am working on the first issue (the latest demo with the breakable crates reworked some of the movement physics as well, but i'll be doing more)

As for the second issue, the hitbox is exactly the sprite of the enemy and a bit more.. Them rotating may make them harder to hit, but you should be able to just turn your camera to hit them. For stuff like normal swings, the hit is always detected from your view, using a ray that goes through your weapon. I don't think i should/could make changes to this nature of the hitbox, otherwise what you see and what you hit would be out of alignment.

I don't think it's a huge issue for now, but the experience does vary a bit depending on how big the enemy sprite is.

Regardless, the hit detects are pretty accurate to what you see on screen.

Thanks! I will make the spiders easier, but the balance will only start taking shape once i have different enemies fighting together in the same group. I'll also make the tentacle easier once you defeat it once.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

I will definitely have to look into making the combat snappier, the animation blends seem very strict right now. It's kind of a headache to work with unity's animation event system.

I am reworking the input system to work in a more traditional fashion, where your clicks are queued rather than constantly checked, meaning if you want to combo an attack, you have to click the button less than half a second before the attack ends, rather than having to hold the button down in order to combo.

Updated the demo, give it a try!

Yeah stamina may be removed later on, i'm still trying to get a feel for what the game should be.

The defending actually starts before the windup is fully finished, you start blocking halfway through. It can be adjusted ofcourse.

Thanks for testing!

-I am looking into making attacks flow into each other more nicely, although i do not want to make it a spectacle fighter.

-It's too early to tell where i'll take the game, but i am trying to make a compelling vertical slice before thinking about procgen possibilities.

-The terrain blending is something i'm looking into

Thanks! Skyrim is one of my inspirations.. as in, don't make combat as bad as skyrim's.

Thanks for playing!

Not sure what else i could do besides a red/white flash. Currently they flash white if they take damage and red if they're about to attack.

I mean obviously if i had actual sprite animations for attacks, i wouldn't need any additional effects, but i feel like i need some sort of effect that starts when the enemy attack windup starts and ends at the end of windup, in order to give the player some sort of timer.

Thanks for playing!

I did want to remove hitstun from the sword swings, but i forgot about it.

I do agree that judging distances becomes hard indoors, i am looking into solving that issue. None of the ambient occlusion solutions really worked so far.


I really don't want to bother with rigging and animation for 3d enemies, i'm giving my other project a break to not have to worry about that sort of stuff.

As for the artstyle of the weapons and the environment, it's all still kind of up in the air, i think i may go with more textured environments in the future.

Thanks! I think the seams are because the blocks are made out of actual 6-sided cubes, so they sort of create seams where they connect.

Slowly, unity, no

Thanks, and yeah.  Someone pointed it out before, i'll make sure to include the music selection in the intro.

As for copyright claims -  you can turn the music off in the options, although i don't mind people not making videos of the game yet, as it's very early in development.

Nevermind, it started with the .jar.

Stream of it was recorded somewhere in there

Can't seem to run the game, i downloaded the exe and it's telling me that i don't have some bundled java stuff.

m-my weakness

Thanks!  Slow motion is more for testhing purposes, i'm not sure if it'll be an actual mechanic in the game.

I mean obviously, the game is in it's very early stages, i don't plan on it staying wave-based like this, so make sure you don't burn yourself out on it!


Thanks for the input.

All of the stuff you are mentioning are indeed planned! More monsters, more gun variety.

I'm trying to stick to fantasy (obtained from the enemy faction) and WW1/Pre-WW1 type weapons (Think cthulhu mythos).

We'll see how all of this is going to pan out, i'm trying to build a strong foundation to the game right now, before handling stuff like expansive levels and other weapons.

Gotcha! You could give it a try again, i've updated the game recently, although it's still just endless waves of the same monster, there is more feedback and a new gun. The enemies don't gain HP anymore, just speed.


Will work on adding more weapons and monsters soon!

Sorry for no credit, music is by Dance with the Dead, i'll make sure to give in-game credit in future demos.

Yeah, i will have more weapons and monsters, i'm just busy building the core systems.

MAC builds are also available from now on.

Weird, where does it say that? The windows build downloads fine for me at the bottom.

Web build currently unavailable due to unity breaking.