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Thanks! I think the seams are because the blocks are made out of actual 6-sided cubes, so they sort of create seams where they connect.

Slowly, unity, no

Replied to Moxx in GunMetal comments

Thanks, and yeah.  Someone pointed it out before, i'll make sure to include the music selection in the intro.

As for copyright claims -  you can turn the music off in the options, although i don't mind people not making videos of the game yet, as it's very early in development.

Nevermind, it started with the .jar.

Stream of it was recorded somewhere in there https://www.twitch.tv/videos/127263501

Can't seem to run the game, i downloaded the exe and it's telling me that i don't have some bundled java stuff.

m-my weakness

Thanks!  Slow motion is more for testhing purposes, i'm not sure if it'll be an actual mechanic in the game.

I mean obviously, the game is in it's very early stages, i don't plan on it staying wave-based like this, so make sure you don't burn yourself out on it!


Thanks for the input.

All of the stuff you are mentioning are indeed planned! More monsters, more gun variety.

I'm trying to stick to fantasy (obtained from the enemy faction) and WW1/Pre-WW1 type weapons (Think cthulhu mythos).

We'll see how all of this is going to pan out, i'm trying to build a strong foundation to the game right now, before handling stuff like expansive levels and other weapons.

Gotcha! You could give it a try again, i've updated the game recently, although it's still just endless waves of the same monster, there is more feedback and a new gun. The enemies don't gain HP anymore, just speed.


Will work on adding more weapons and monsters soon!

Sorry for no credit, music is by Dance with the Dead, i'll make sure to give in-game credit in future demos.

Yeah, i will have more weapons and monsters, i'm just busy building the core systems.

MAC builds are also available from now on.

Weird, where does it say that? The windows build downloads fine for me at the bottom.

Web build currently unavailable due to unity breaking.