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A jam submission

Ctesiphon Alpha - Demo Day 21View game page

Classic Style First Person Shooter
Submitted by stomygame (@StomyGame) — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline

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  • Rocket jumping makes me happy.
  • I was critical of the melee attack in the thread before but after trying it out in the demo I think its fine.
  • After smashing a window, climbing on the roof, and escaping the level I was not treated to an easter egg but instead to death.(; ・`д・´) Please fix ASAP .

Left feedback here, look for your game:

Like everyone has been saying, fantastic!


Just came back to say, I actually replayed this for fun. Videogames needs fun like this.

Would love a double jump

I am terrible with keyboard and mouse controls but I had fun with this demo. The data spike punch was oddly satisfying. It is probably my weaker fps skills talking but I felt like the almost instantaneous reaction time of the enemies (from seeing you to shooting) made it almost impossible to not take a few shots even if you were just peeking around the corner real fast (though I suppose they are machines so their reaction time would be spot on). Great experience regardless!


Awesome, very VIDEOGAMES

I would have liked a quick way to get back from the tunnel with the armor pads. But yeah, fantastic. Maybe a melee attack with the ranged weapons?

Quick playthrough, the aspect ratio was fine, just shadowplay was messed up

Nevermind, it started with the .jar.

Stream of it was recorded somewhere in there

Can't seem to run the game, i downloaded the exe and it's telling me that i don't have some bundled java stuff.

Some feedback:

-Gunplay feels good. Movement is quick and responsive, the recoil on the guns makes them feel punchy. Alt-fire is always great. Its already fun to just move around the map and shoot things.

-Awesome music.

-Sound effects are kind of all over the place. The player character's voice effects are good. The shotgun's reload and shell drop effects are great, nice and crisp. But I can barely hear any of the weapons actually firing. Takes away from the solid gunplay.

-Like the theme. Like the idea of a fast-paced cyberpunk FPS.

-Kind of hard to talk about your enemies since they can't move at the moment. I like their 'CRT with legs' design though.

Overall, this seems to be shaping up very well. Look forward to seeing this get fleshed out even more.


Tried your game on my Mac, works flawlessly. Nice graphic style and enemies.