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A jam submission

Jinzo (Demo Day XIII ver.)View game page

2d adventure game
Submitted by nurikabe — 2 days, 16 hours before the deadline

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Jinzo (Demo Day XIII ver.)'s page

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Left feedback here, look for your game:

Cool stuff, there's a lot of progress packed in here!

It was charming. I had tried to use keyboard initially because for some reason my gamepad wasn't being detected but after a few frustrating attempts I decided to try the gamepad again and it worked. What followed was a far more focused and far more fun experience! Some of the enemy placement, specifically with enemies firing at you from off screen before you have even seen them is a bit of an issue in my opinion. I could understand if they saw you/you saw them and then you tried to back away. I was honestly hoping to be able to destroy those rotating turrets you had in the last segment but when I found I couldn't I resigned myself to slowly getting through it as best I could (it took about 5 attempts and the successful one had me at one hit til death). Other than the sometimes awkward difficulty spikes and sniper A.I. I had fun and I would definitely come back and play it again!


The damage and death effects are wonderful. Hope to see more manga panel zoom-in shots.

The movement feels nice, but the digital aim is awkward. I don't know if you're expected to use a controller, but if so, analog aim would help a lot. And I'd recommend an in-game input mapper (I use Rewired in Unity). I used a controller but the keyboard controls were somewhat confusing at first too (the button to read the computer screens is different from the dialogue confirm button).


I like all those zoom-in effects, they're hilarious. I also like the creepy vibes you get from the other characters.

The controls felt a little wonky sometimes, like there's no reliable way to skip through dialogue with the keyboard, while the shoot button worked on the controller. Movement works fine but sometimes when shooting with the controller it wouldn't start shooting in the direction I was moving.

It looks cool, I'm not very good at it, but I like it.