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Whimp the BoldView game page

Become your enemy in this 2D platformer!
Submitted by AttaBoy (@AttaBoyGames) — 2 days, 11 hours before the deadline

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About the tree fader shader, I found it distracting, its fancy but the transition is too eye-catching, maybe if it was not such a huge change. But the parallax was nice, little details like the leaves were nice, fancy text effects in the dialogue. Maybe more of an indicator when the float is about to run out, I had a hard time trying to time it, it felt like you really plummet hard when you can't float any more (but Im also bad at these games). I think the theme of the game is strong, everything feels like it goes together, nice job!


Cute! I'm terribad at platformers so its not my kind of game, but the graphics and music and characters all fit together nicely. The bombs felt out of place though. But the pop at the end of Whimps death sequence is super cute. Would like a faster respawn and base movement speed. Also you can see in the video running into a wall gets me into sprint mode (not dash) which I dunno if its intentional. Disappointed the enemies from progress posts weren't in! No one to absorb..



Movement feels good, art looks good, music sounds good. Its good! Only complaint is the first layer of background scrolls a bit too much with the camera.

Very minor nitpicks really. Holding towards a wall while against it and almost simultaneously holding jump results in an odd animation loop. There also seems to be an odd bug where if you go to higher ground and the camera pans up with you, you can actually drop down to the lower area you were at before and instantly die as if you dropped into a death pit.
All that being said I thought it felt really slick and functional. There is a level of polish and care here that shines through. You really care for this project and if you can maintain this quality throughout the rest of the game you will have something magical here for sure!


Regarding the movement itself, I feel like that little bounce that happens after a high jump is a little unnatural. Because it has the same sound and graphics as an ordinary jump but is lower, it looks like some kind of input buffering bug. Giving it different audio and visuals would do, but personally I'd say with such high gravity it just would be better to ditch it overall and put in some kind of landing animation instead that wouldn't affect player's behavior.

From bugs, textboxes don't seem to pause the walking animation properly and timed textboxes don't react to mashing buttons properly - they just loop around until their staying period is up.

Looks good overall, I really liked the death animation

Feels pretty good. The high gravity took me a little bit to get used to, but it's fine. There appears to be a small bug where if you run into a wall on the ground, Whimp will do a very very short fall and then immediately start running even if you were walking. The dust clouds then proceed to go nuts.


Hey thanks for the feedback Anim.ace (loved AGHR btw). Just so you know you can remap the controls from the main menu or the pause menu. And I updated a new version that tells you that absorbing without enemies is just a dash. I should've wrote that differently

maybe im stoopit but z is making me do a dash rather than absorb anything. Also x does nothing. Also it's kinda annoying holding space to jump. I'd rather it be z to jump, x to attack, and c to absorb. But you got a nice style going here and besides those key mappings good controls. Looking forward to whatever's next.