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A jam submission


a bunch of cats shoot things in 2.5d
Submitted by panjak (@herr_jak) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Very nice experience. I loved the arcade feeling it gave and I also loved that it was accessible despite this. The girl cat crying when she has only one health left is adorable. Hopefully sometime in the future you could include gamepad rebind as I found myself wishing one of the face buttons could have been shield. Keep going because this is a really fun game!


Ten minutes of me failing at it (no commentary)

Couple thoughts, don't make us sit through the level intro again if we die and go back to the first checkpoint.

The canine leavings don't seem like a powerup, if anything wouldn't a cat want to avoid them?

Need more indication that the shield is about to fail. Sometimes I felt like my jump key didn't register.

But its solid with lots of polish, really good job dude

Really liked it! The only comment I'd do is that the visual style seems a little too busy, sometimes it's really difficult to tell hitboxes or what's a powerup in the mayhem.

Good shit as always. Difficulty seems more balanced now, and the bit with the buildings falling is pretty neat.
The only real complaint is dev faster, damnit. I don't want this to end up like Owlboy.

This game pretty much steals the show yet again. Great job!

Really good work. Some things I found odd were when doing a melee attack you can't use your umbrella shield until it's over, though that's probably intentional. Also the mid-boss's arms always have touch damage even when not moving, but that might just be so it's harder to melee the arms.