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Submitted by aaaleee (@tweetinglemon) — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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Left feedback here, look for your game:

Cool vibe and aesthetic here


First of, thanks for the feedback on House Cleaner!

-Love the art! The whole esthetic is great, you got something fantastic going here.

-I like the whole detective concept, also the black market reminds me of that old drug dealer game from the 90's. nice touch.

-Assets will obviously be created with time but I think you have to nail the process of the first time player. I was really confused on what to do and things like searching for warrents arent that clear right now.

I will follow this :)


Love the cyberpunk motif, wish the city matched it. And maybe a way to check ahead of time what prices will be in the city you're travelling to next, so you can buy black market stuff appropriately? And art assets for the different things.. character portraits for who you're going after.. Let us save the progress we've made on a warrant by remembering what details we've already entered. Getting info needs more gameification, there's not really any choices to make. Also show the average price we've bought black market things for, so we know if we're selling at a profit or not. Maybe connect the black market items to gameplay somehow, like using a neural pattern whatever while you're at a location to extract an additional detail.

How do you quit? I had to alt-f4 it.

But nice art, the theme feels cohesive. Short playthrough here.


@Foxar thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

The black market is just that at the moment, a place to buy and sell. The items will have uses in the future. And yeah, the city is getting replaced, I'm preparing a cyberpunk set of buildings and props that will be used to auto generate city streets


I like it, it was fun to play this.

I expect more content to be included with the game later, but even now its quite fun, despite finding the lack of main menu jarring, and being confused about the black market items which seem to have no purpose other than to buy low sell high?

I like the sci-fi vibe it gives off too, however the current map of the city does not seem to match that.

Still fun though.


IBH is a game about hunting down criminals across the world, you can select contracts and start investigating to get clues that will lead you through the criminals' paths. Every city also has a black market where you can buy and sell illegal hardware items for an additional profit, sometimes cops will raid these markets causing price surges and other events may cause them to drop.

How to play:

  • Get contracts through the computer interface
  • Investigate cities to determine where the criminals have gone next
  • Remember details about the criminals, because you'll need an arrest warrant to effectively capture them.
  • You can buy and sell illegal hardware in the black market on every cit