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Thanks everyone for the feedback! I will make sure to incorporate everything mentioned here for the next demo day.

This was pretty fun. Love the music, theres definately potential for more content.

Plays like super meat boy but with more floaty controls, which have to be both exploited and taken into consideration.

I like it, it was fun to play this.

I expect more content to be included with the game later, but even now its quite fun, despite finding the lack of main menu jarring, and being confused about the black market items which seem to have no purpose other than to buy low sell high?

I like the sci-fi vibe it gives off too, however the current map of the city does not seem to match that.

Still fun though.

Holy shit this is really fun. Top fucking notch.

I assume story/some sort of objectives will be introduced later, but so far this is genuinely fun. I really like the music and the sprites too.

I just dont understand the countdown on the top of the screen, or how coins and lifes work, but thats not that important.

Neat, but why cant i change control schemes fomr in-game, or even see the controls?

Otherwise everything is amazing. Good job.

This is great, im loving it!

I think that i got lost at some point, but despite that i had a blast playing this, feel very polished and finished.

Very nice and comfy anon, i like it