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A jam entry

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Action Adventure Metroidvania
Submitted by Arikado with 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline

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The art is excellent and all, but the gameplay needs a bit of tweaking. Dead bodies blend into the background and foreground too much, climbing is super weird, and the dash doesn't seem to have any invincibility on it. A block or parry would also go a long way in terms of survivability.

I'm sure this is a problem mainly steaming from the demo, but faster but weaker weapons like a short sword of lance would add a lot to the eventual longevity of the game. As it is now, it'd kind of be like Castlevania but with only the Ascalon and variations of it. I'm sure this will be a winner in the future with more content.

For the most part I'll echo the things everybody else is saying:
Excellent art and polish, initial trouble with controls, fire does too much damage, chests are finicky etc...

Personally I never figured out how to air dash so it might not hurt to have the relevant key combination
as a detail in the inventory page for morons such as myself. Speaking of the inventory I wanted to suggest
either making the chests specific colors based on the loot contained therein or making the text of said
acquisition colored based on the type of item it is. Every time I picked something up I needed to break the pace
and go to the I screen to even determine if what I picked up was a technique or a weapon or anything else.
Besides all that, you got yourself a Twitter follower and I'm eager to see how this title progresses!


The big thing I noticed is this game sucks without Dpad. As soon as I switched to my usb gamepade from keyboard game becomes significantly more playable and actually fun.

Consider making a note "Gamepad reccomended / supported" somewhere in the intro. This type of combat doesn't work with keys at all.

control scheme initially really sucks, a lot

changed it to ASD(left,down,forward)W to jump and "up" to another key

game feels really solid, loving the music(could be a little longer by a minute or two cause it loops a lot) enemy knights are retarded when they are at the edge of a platform and you are below them

the AI in general is lacking, they kinda just keep doing the same move and if youre reckless youll get hit, otherwise its pretty straight forward. the ICE sword needs a nerf. i got upto the part where you get the chain spell and the dagger spell and the chest with the relic in it. but i couldnt find anything else after walking through all the zones.

shows promise


I love the art and -most- of the animation. To be honest, I think the armor-knight-enemies, for how burly they look, lack alot of punch in their animations. Maybe some subtle shake or something if they attack near you, I'm not sure what would fix it.

Same thing with the sound effects. While I love the background music, I feel like the combat sounds don't do justice to how big and powerful the weapons feel -visually-. Especially when you strike enemies, it just doesn't feel very satisfying. Splitting them in half is plenty satisfying, however.

I love the overall UI design. I might suggest doing something a little different with the font. It's super clean and readable, which is great, but I feel like the super-clean-white-sans-serif kind of clashes with the overall gothic theme that's going on.
Visual effects are great. Particles look very nice.

Keep up the good work!

Neat, but why cant i change control schemes fomr in-game, or even see the controls?

Otherwise everything is amazing. Good job.


After I got the whip and the needle thing, I got stuck, or is that the end of the demo? I didn't have anywhere else to go.

I like what I see so far. It feels like most game mechanics are fleshed out. Unfortunately I didn't go far enough to get to a boss fight, but I assume there is at least one. My only gripe is how a block system would work better than a dodge/dash one, but it's matter of personal taste. I assume you're going for something like style over substance with that.