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A jam submission

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Puzzle logic game
Submitted by nnoel — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline

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  • The interval between the two characters voices is the tritone. I would probably choose a less tense interval unless that is what you are going for.
  • I was going to complain about the portraits being higher resolution than the 2D game mode but since you have the 3D switching oh well.
  • I think I'd prefer a short input buffer on the movement controls.
  • The notes don't say which direction to put the books in a second time and I forgot.
  • Why isn't the painting a loss reference? You had one job.
  • I like the characters and the simple 3D art style.
  • The 2D is a bit hard to read but its functional for now so it could be improved later.

A lot of the stuff you mentioned was added last minute, so you're right on how wrong it feels. I'll get to them eventually. Thanks for reminding me about the notes, I switched it to the 5 points since I thought it was too long to read. I'll keep working on it, appreciate the feedback.


Really cool style of mixing 3D and 2D to make puzzles! The writing was also superb, reminded me of games like Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk. That plushie conversation line had me in tears. Really amazing, please make more.

Small bug: after looking at the two tables, I was stuck on the tile in front of the tables. After mashing the buttons, it opened the tablet screen. I though "When in Rome" and entered the correct number, which the character dismissed as false. After that everything worked again, and it accepted the number. Not sure what happened there.


Yea, I just noticed and fixed that bug today. Stupid little variable wasn't being set. Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun coming up with the lines.


Clever little game! I wish all of it was drawn like the characters' heads in the dialog. When playing on my laptop's small screen (1366* 768) the window is slightly cut off in the bottom so I ad trouble reading the lowest lines of text. Great job! I wish there were more levels of this.


I originally had it 400*400, but then realized you couldn't read the morse/binary puzzle. I opted for 800*800 instead. Hopefully you were still able to finish it. Glad you like the game!