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A lot of the stuff you mentioned was added last minute, so you're right on how wrong it feels. I'll get to them eventually. Thanks for reminding me about the notes, I switched it to the 5 points since I thought it was too long to read. I'll keep working on it, appreciate the feedback.

This was pretty fun, although I had no idea what I was doing until the second time. Need tooltips on the buttons, or maybe a giant how to play image instead of hovering at the start.

Yea, I just noticed and fixed that bug today. Stupid little variable wasn't being set. Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun coming up with the lines.

I originally had it 400*400, but then realized you couldn't read the morse/binary puzzle. I opted for 800*800 instead. Hopefully you were still able to finish it. Glad you like the game!