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Origonal gameplay! I love how you can shoot out windows to quickly clear a room. I feel the difficulty is a little too much, it took me many tries just to clear the first room. Also I would change either the fog of war or the field of view of the camera, because most of the deaths happen from enemie that you cannot see. I noticed that the most efficient strategy is to shoot far outside your field of view, be it windows or enemies.

That said, I would really be interested in what direction you're gonna take this game. It's a very solid system and It could work both as an action and a more tactical shooting experience. Great job!

Thank you for the reply! My plan is to add many sandbox elements so the player can tackle a level however he feels like it. I want to add many gadgets and computers that will let you interact with the ship, such as controlling the doors from a central point and monitoring the oxygen level of rooms.