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action adventure top down fight kill the enemies yes but be wary its not done
Submitted by Mondev — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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This was super fun! I love how even with just a few enemies you can create very different encounters by just varying the positioning (The skeletons that come out suddently out of teh side room spooked me a LOT the first time through). It makes you feel like you succesfully mastered something when you complete a floor without getting hit and you place the checkpoint. Kinda reminds me of dark souls in that sense. 

I would love to see more enemies like the old guy (where you have to turn in rithm with the swords strikes) because as of right now to beat every normal enemy is either block->strike or backpedal->strike.

Great job, keep it up!

The fighting mechanics are solid and it is fun to juggle between the different monster tactics. Although unless you know the level already, you will unlikely get enough "blood" for a checkpoint. Died 3 times at the blue wizard and decided that it takes too long to get to him to continue.

In other words, there's plenty of potential, all I would need is tweaking how the progression works.


Game is just hard on your first playthrough, it is trivial when you figured out algorithm to beat enemies or specific rooms. Only real danger is you getting bored and trying to end things quickly

I didn't like the checkpoint system.  as soon as you get damaged, it is really hard to fill your health back and being able to place a check point. my general game play was to suicide when I get hit because there was no point in continuing any more since I will probably die before I am able to put another checkpoint.

I found a chest but couldn't open it. Then found an door that I can't open and stuck :(


Wow, this was better than i expected. The 3D effect is nice, and everything is clean and simple, attack is responsive (but just mashing does it just fine, no timing required)

You might want to explain that blocking is super effective (or nerf it)

Excited to see this grow, add more assets and more variety in general, you've got a solid foundation!