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This made made me giggle at the start screen! I ran into some problems with the firefox web version: As others have said, the mouse pointer doesn't register until you fullscreen and the game froze on me a couple of times, so I had to refresh (probably because I have an old laptop).

I don't feel like the game is too easy for what is trying to do. If it was hard, you would have to repeat some waves and the humour would lose it's impact.

It's a pretty fun experience! Great job!

Sorry to hear it froze on you, the web version seems to be a bit of a mess, except the bit part (so it's not your laptop). The main issue seems to be the memory: The C++/SDL to HTML5 compiler I used doesn't really handle dynamic memory all that well, so I went with the more performant name-your-upper-memory-limit-at-compile-time option. I felt nothing could go wrong as long as I set the memory limit high enough. By now, I have already replaced it with a dynamic memory allocation version,  which runs even more laggy, but should no longer freeze. Once again, really sorry ;_;

The input stuff is weird, because it only happens on itch. I'll probably have to fix this at some later time since I really have no clue what's going on there.

Glad you managed to have a little fun with it though and thanks for the feedback!