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Little Red Hiding HoodView game page

Avoid the wolves and bring pie to Grandma
Submitted by SquareDev (@squareanon) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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  • Those models looking damn fine as ever
  • I am too stupid to use the items so I just ran to the end.
  • There is a break in the navmesh in the last area.
  • I would recommend  doing a sphere cast from the player to the camera position and if it hits a wall bring it in close enough not to collide with the wall and possibly higher if it gets really close. However this should ignore dynamic objects, but turn them visible if the camera position collides with them. Make sure when letting the camera move back out to only let it do so smoothly.
  • This game can probably get away with the single raycast and cone check against the player position but I personally like checking against several points and then creating a score based on LOS, distance, and angle.
  • After pressing enter a few times the game loaded the menu screen again but still had the game UI up. I couldn't find anything about this in the code so I don't know maybe I'm too drunk.

My favorite demoday game! Everything is naturally cute without being too much. Even the foxes are a cute version of sexy, or a cute version of evil.  Selecting in the inventory felt broken when I had only one item. I dunno if I like having to pick up items vs just running over them. The walk speed was a little too slow, it made me want to run just for expediency even though in most cases it'd just get me caught. The camera was good. I was able to run through the whole level and win, but it still felt good because there were enough ways to dodge the foxes that it still felt gamey. Great job!


Very cute! Music is fitting

The camera feels floaty and I was able to sprint to the finish from the beginning, you might want to limit that if it's meant to be a stealth game (that's what it feels like)

Cake wouldn't always select, I had to throw it from the inventory page

I threw a cake at one wolf and another wolf on the other side of the rocks came to eat it 


The model work is super cute! It was hard for me to utilize the camera effectively, but I managed in the end after getting caught a few times. I do think that the rock throwing is a bit confusing since I don't know where I'm throwing it. I think one way for this to be fixed is have it where the camera goes first person and you can throw the rock in the air or at an angle. It was also hard figuring out ways to use running to my advantage other than just running away from the booby wolves. I did manage to juke them a couple of times, but I could never use it and not get noticed.

One time though I was in the bushes and the wolf from the beginning somehow heard my rock in the fallen trunk area and walked pass me. It startled me but I'm glad I wasn't caught. The two wolves in the rock maze got stuck together for a bit and wouldn't move until one of them noticed me. Other than that, the AI was very well done.

I'm looking forward to the full game, booby wolves and all!


Loved the models. Game is a bit too hard and not good kind of hard.

Then I figured out if you run, you can outrun wolves and their reaction time makes it possible run away from them Then it was easy :)

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Simple, and fun, with very polished graphics like all your works and amazing work by the composers.
 Arkbrik nailed pretty much all the feedback you need. I would also add some sort of arrow or other indicator that shows you where the stone will land when you are about to throw it (think about the white dots on Angry Birds) would be really helpful too. And a small animation showing a close up of Little Red Hiding Hood trowing the stone the first time you do it would look great.


Wow, it wasn't fun to paly at all. Wolves don't have a proper cone of vision and detect you through obstacles seemingly at random, also can't lose you once the detect you.

Throwing stuff seemed broken, with object flying away or disappearing completely.

Constant clipping was also jarring, from camera clipping inside object, to the hero clipping through grass (if you make it bend and sway in the wind it'll look a ton better)

You should probably take a look at how your game works one more time, before spending any more time on the boobie-wolves.


Wow, rude much?

Just kidding, you're right on all fronts (except the boobie-wolves, fuck you).

Made a video of me playing it with my critique in the description


Really funny game though I'm part of the cheesed-it-by-running-through-the-wolves faction.

Since nobody mentioned it yet in these comments, I want to point out the jiggle physics in this game. These are absolutely crucial, so please keep working on them and never ever remove them.


Super cute artstyle!  The controls for the menu were a little uncomfortable.  I feel it would be better if you could switch items without having to pause somehow.  Scrolling wheel felt fine for that, but then you'd have to sacrifice your camera control.

As for the gameplay, I felt that after knocking out a wolf, it should stay knocked out if you try to run by it, or at least stay dazed longer so you can walk by it in enough time.  Also a dizzy icon above the wolf would help a bit too.  Great demo!


This game's kawaii as shit. I picked up the cake and rock and made a mad dash passed the first wolf. Then after I hid behind a tree I thought I was safe only to see her still chasing after me and I got eated up. This is the Dark Souls of stealth games.


played this a few days ago

i found myself unable to pick up rocks and throw them, i just picked up the early cakes and then went ham sprinting through the rest of the level

>As some of you already know, the game is still in a very bare bones

stage, and that's how it's likely going to stay. It's not very polished
and probably not very fun to play

it was fine, adding more stealth mechanics would be nice, like crawling and hiding in boxes or whatever but you don't seem that interested in adding to it so whatever


Thanks for the feedback. What exactly happened when you tried to pick up the rocks?


idk it just didn't work and i just pushed them around


Cute artstyle! Camera is a bit wonky since the player character can end up hidden behind terrain. Maybe make it autozoom so the player is always visible.

At first it felt like there was no way to escape when spotted by a wolf, but then I realized you could run by holding Shift (that wasn't in the instructions). Running made it pretty easy to not worry about stealth and just dodge the wolves, could even pick up most of the cakes on the way. My best score was 49 seconds, 3/5 cakes collected, spotted 11 times.

You could steal some mechanics from games like MGSV to make stealth easier to use. Would have loved the UI ring that lets you see the direction an enemy is spotting you from + the ability to mark enemies so you can see them through cover, for instance.

Regardless, running through the game was fun in itself, so good work!


Thank you!

You're right about the camera, I found the clipping very annoying myself. I tried adding some camera collision system but it came out pretty bad so I scrapped it. 

Good point on 'shift to run' not being listed at the start of the game. I guess I took it for granted and forgot to include it. You ca also hide inside the hollow tree stumps, the one covered with flowers. That way the wolves will stop chasing you after a couple of seconds. 

The UI to show the direction you're being spotted from is also a great idea. I thought of having a visual representation when you get spotted but kind of forgot to implement it. I had lots of troubles working onthe wolf AI (which as you saw it's FAR from perfect) and didn't have time to balance it properly and add QoL things.

Anyway, thanks for playing and I'm glad to know you had fun with it. That makes it all worth it.