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Thank you so much for doing this. I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and your video showed me a lot of things I need to fix. The Sleep part, yeah... I admit I didn't have time to test it much. In theory she will agree if she's tired (after doing the other activities) AND it's evening or night.

I will probably make a v2 of the game that fixes these things and some more stuff in the next couple of days.

Again, thanks for playing and for the video.

become proficient

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad to know you enjoyed it! Yeah, better (more like, actual) AI and netplay are my main goals for this game.

Oh, and do tell me about this different rule set. I learned this game from my sister, and that's basically the only person I played it with. 

Wow, rude much?

Just kidding, you're right on all fronts (except the boobie-wolves, fuck you).

Thanks for the feedback. What exactly happened when you tried to pick up the rocks?

Thank you!

You're right about the camera, I found the clipping very annoying myself. I tried adding some camera collision system but it came out pretty bad so I scrapped it. 

Good point on 'shift to run' not being listed at the start of the game. I guess I took it for granted and forgot to include it. You ca also hide inside the hollow tree stumps, the one covered with flowers. That way the wolves will stop chasing you after a couple of seconds. 

The UI to show the direction you're being spotted from is also a great idea. I thought of having a visual representation when you get spotted but kind of forgot to implement it. I had lots of troubles working onthe wolf AI (which as you saw it's FAR from perfect) and didn't have time to balance it properly and add QoL things.

Anyway, thanks for playing and I'm glad to know you had fun with it. That makes it all worth it.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, about the paper, it was my mistake (forgot to add a component so the script that picks up the items would check for it, not find it, and stop there). I fixed that too, so if you still feel like it, give the game another try.

Sorry for the inconvenience (this is what I get for adding things last minute and not testing them throughly).


Thanks a bunch for the feedback, a lot of stuff I didn't notice. I did however notice that you could shoot through walls and that the zombies would go through doors, but I noticed it when there wasn't enough time left to fix it. I will do it now and update the demo though.

Thanks for the feedback everybody.

I'm going to keep in mind all of your suggestions to change the game.

Things I'm definitely going to do soon:

1. Add an Easy mode with less beats

2. Add a Controls page to choose different control schemes

3. Try making the beatmap and overlay over the idol and the stage so you can look at both.

I also plan to make Bunny's dance more realistic and change them based on the rhythm of the song among other things but I'll have to test somethings out first.

Makes sense. I guess I played it so much while testing that i got used to the speed.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

Yes. That was my mistake.

I updated the download so it should work fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yeah I know, I actually noticed it while I was working on CF. I rarely play mobile games so I don't think I copied it even subconsciously and I doubt the guy copied me since well it's not like my idea was that original to begin with, and I think this game was already out while I had just started so yeah. Thanks for notifying me though, I appreciate it.

Sure! Glad you rnjoyed our game.

Be sure to link the video here after.

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