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A jam submission

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The blue rectangle is back in a new quest to defeat the supernatural large rectangle
Submitted by Ogier (@Ogier_Dev) — 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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All those artfags out there getting btfo


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah with the boss tells I understand. I'll need to make them more standout-ish, and add a slight delay before the attack string starts. Also I thought I completely removed access from picking Red. It was mostly an experiment with prototyping something. Whoops.


Ah I forgot, if you choose the red character the game crashes, because of something related to the camera.


I'm always impressed about how complex is this game, like some hack n' slash in 2d. I really like to play with the dummy and the boss fight was really frenetic, talking about it probably, one of the points is to not have enough time to react, but I got it really difficult because I didn't know what was he going to do, just after some time playing when I understood the symbols I got it, imo you should be a bit more clear with that or at least give a second more so the player can get that and act in consequence.


Thanks for trying it out. (Is there no reply function on this thing?)


I'd imagine having some sound effects would help a lot. Was having a hard time trying to come up with some though, but yeah there's only so much you can do with pure rectangles with varying degrees of information on them. Going to need to pick up the pace on my art learning.


Thanks for the feedback. You can extend the range by holding the [Magic] button down, up to a specific point. It comes up based on release, or it reaches max range.


As I have said before, impressive work here. Boss fight was great.
Can you control how far away from you the ice spike spawns? Kinda looked like you can to me, but couldn't figure out a way to do it.


Like I said last time, there's a pretty good character action-ey type thing in here somewhere. The graphics somewhat limit the responsiveness of combat (It's a noble approach though, probably a lot more tedious than what I ended up doing) and the combat needs a sense of weight, witch would probboly come around the same time as real sprites.

Keep at it, but don't be afraid to resort to ripping other things to try and nail down a feel around the game.