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I see what you're going for with the title, doesn't work IMO
game's great though, good twist on an old classic
controls are slick, feels good when you get the ball above all the blocks and get a huge combo
very smart that you implemented a way a control where the ball goes when you swing; this one feature being absent could completely ruin it
music is great but the sound is pretty shit, especially the sound effect for hitting the ball, that needs to get improved asap everything else is just bland
just add some kind of powerups or whatever and this could be a damn solid game


excellent flow through the level
didn't like how much recoil the gun has and how getting hit fucks your aim up, should be one or the other not both IMO
solid so far, will be keeping tabs on it

if you take away the aesthetic it doesn't have any kind of leg to stand on
getting some texture glitching on windows of buildings
no gamepad controls
you use the mouse to move around but not to attack at all which is really strange
main issue is that somehow the controls are very unresponsive, like I'll do a short combo then I can't do anything at all for like 2 or 3 seconds which is just horrible

menu detected my gamepad and I set binds but in-game it didn't work, didn't even attempt to use keyboard

fun idea flying around freely and shooting shit but each individual enemy was literally stronger than you are so it wasn't fun at all
sound effects were a mixed bag; your gun sounds good but enemy guns sound shitty. explosions sound ok, and the text box sound effect was really annoying to me
gun is hilariously inaccurate and enemies took several hits to kill, but you can't get close because you would get fucking destroyed so basically the combat was "sit at like half screen and shoot in their direction until they die"

nice mode7 thing going on with the background
one of the green flying enemies fucked up and got stuck in a wall
had a glitch once where I respawned at a checkpoint after dying and my character didn't show up but I could still move the camera
this is the type of game where the aesthetic sells it so you're going to need really good music and lots of cute shit

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the music was kind of short but it was very good
most of the sound effects were pretty good but the voice the character makes when he gets hit is really bad
not 100% sure if I like the slower and more deliberate nature of the combat as compared to SotN but it definitely carries a good weight to it and you can still back dash cancel attacks so it works

not much going on with the level design so hopefully you'll have some puzzles or something in the future
metroidvania is my shit so I'm pretty excited for this one

using up not only to interact with npcs but also scroll through the text is terrible
no way to speed up said text, you can only skip to the next box
jump height is always the same regardless of how long you hold the jump button
no way to defeat enemies
crashed after like 3 minutes of play

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I liked the animation for the tank, nice subtle thing with the screw turning while you charge the jump and how it squishes down
liked that the jumping was extremely consistent and that you always jumped upwards no matter how you were facing
music was good but it seemed really quiet
saturated cartoony color scheme fits with the music
camera is fucking god awful though, shit got blocked by the stage a lot and I died because of it, you HAVE to be able to manipulate the camera or at least make dynamic angles better because the shitty little 2-angle thing you have going on simply does not work well enough

pretty good level design going on here, really takes the mechanics and uses them to a lot of potential, like using 2 different powers to move a turret across a room to shoot a switch
the powers themselves were fun to use for sure, especially the one that creates a clone that you swap to
it controls well enough but gamepad support would help A LOT
graphics are nothing to write home about but the music and sound is very good overall

fantastic sound design and good music
good animation and the font used is pretty unique, added a sense of authenticity
the part of the hud on the top left is a little too big IMO, not that big of a deal
gameplay was pretty fun, everything moves at a brisk pace which I liked; I didn't like not being able to attack while crouching but maybe you're doing that for balance purposes
the metroid-style map is nice to have but I think the individual squares need to be just a bit bigger

controls are straight trash

cute proof of concept
I feel like the priest guy being able to walk through houses and kill you when you can't even see him is kind of dumb
music was solid
the spritework and animation are good, but the color palette was pretty bland
I can see a lot of potential for this to be a nice little puzzle type of game

sound and graphics are passable
the range on the attack felt pretty good, not too short not too long
I like that one part where you come into the room on a cliff and if you drop down you miss whatever is in the crate and can't go back to get it, good level design
I feel like the character moves a little too slow
you gotta have space be jump though or make the controls customizeable, using S to jump was really fucking weird

I get that this is still "proof of concept" stage but this had almost nothing going for it
the character moves a bit too fast, I felt it was kind of difficult to jump on the blocks in the first room
framerate tanks when I'm running and shooting (I'm on an r9 290 so it's definitely not my computer)
died to that big brown thing because apparently I was getting hit by shockwaves from its jump, but I couldn't even tell I was getting hit
the graphics are decent, pretty much the only redeeming quality

I know this is just some stupid meme thing but it's not even bad really
the only issue I had with it was that the default mouse sensitivity is WAY too high but that's no big deal
it controls well enough and I didn't see any bugs
one thing I would change is that when you're jumping high into the air like off a spring or whatever, you would want your shadow to be below you to show you where you're landing a la mario 64