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I get that this is still "proof of concept" stage but this had almost nothing going for it
the character moves a bit too fast, I felt it was kind of difficult to jump on the blocks in the first room
framerate tanks when I'm running and shooting (I'm on an r9 290 so it's definitely not my computer)
died to that big brown thing because apparently I was getting hit by shockwaves from its jump, but I couldn't even tell I was getting hit
the graphics are decent, pretty much the only redeeming quality

I wouldn't even call it a proof of concept. More "things I managed to figure out how to do in the time I've been learning game maker". I have moved this project from a basic Mario clone in Construct Classic, to an attempt at a more action-platformer in Construct to what it's becoming in Game Maker. So I basically have no idea what I am doing and am surprised it runs at all. But I made a promise to have something, anything, for demo day and here we are.

To your concerns;

The run and gun issue is not the framerate of the game itself, but the animation speed of that particular animation. I need to find the right speed for it as the frame number is different from the standing and shooting animation. All of her shooting animations will be more polished and responsive when I've figured out how to implement them properly. I hope,

The big brown thing is Miss Cake. Her shockwave was a last minute addition and I've learned that a stun would be better than damage. She'll have much more feedback when she's finished to hopefully assist there.

I'm glad you at least thought it was graphically decent. I am more artist than programmer so it would be awfully depressing if even the graphics were terrible.