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Your game made me jelous that I didn't go for pixelated graphics :(

Maybe it is me playing my game too much but your cross hair does not move with you (sticks to the ground) which was weirder and made things complicated. Especially on the edges of the screen, this just fıcks my aiming too much. But that might be just me

It is kinda hard those gray mechanical enemies on first level.

You can just farm score on every spawning enemies. This makes high-score thing a bit pointless.

The game ends on the bonus stage, is this because of the demo?

Don't be jealous, your style has its own merits was well like better explosions due to the nature of particle effects.
I'm not entirely sure what I mean by sticks to the ground.
Score is mostly for the arcade anyways.  I'm honestly lost when it comes to score balance.
Yes, it ends on a bonus stage due to it being a demo.