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A jam submission

BloodworksView game page

2D top-down survival game where you evantually die
Submitted by taytay — 1 day, 11 hours before the deadline

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In case you missed it in the thread I did a playthrough of your game:


That is pretty weird. There is a shader issue I am aware of (some of the functions I used not available in all glsl versions I believe) which also crashes on start game. Might be the same bug, does it complains about shaders when you hit start playing? It should display before call stack.

@Hamfist McMutton

Thanks for the feedback. You are right about pretty much every point. Some are harder to fix (like art :() but I will try to improve them.

Good entertainment value, but could use a visual overhaul and a more pumping soundtrack.

Rest of feedback.


Crashes when pressing Start Game:


I think it should be MSVCP140.dll. I added both to .zip and reuploaded. Please try again.

Also if you can try deleting MSVCP120.dll and MSVCP140.dll to figure out which dll is necessary, that would be great!
Also install these two if you don't to have problems with other devs that forgets VC binaries :)


tried to play, but it said my computer was missing a file (MSVCP120.dll or something like that) and then crashed


Please send me the output of console if game crashes.

Also there are a few debug keys. Check out the paste



Oh, when Crimsonland first came out, I got really addicted to it, so I can see the appeal with this type of game, but on the other hand, I played it so much I also got burned out with it, but that's just me. I know getting things to what you have right now is a lot of work, and it being open-source means this is a bit of a labor of love. At least I can see mods could mean this can become a testbed for crazy ideas.


@Anomalous Underdog

Wow that was honest! :P Honestly that was what I was trying to do for the first part. A crimsonland clone that works. After this is done, I have a couple cool features I want to try/implement. But the biggest improvement will be ability to create mods and download/upload.


thanks! game is still in progress, there will be more unique perks in future. maybe I can increase the number of perks per level so people can skip the boring ones.

Suggestions are always welcomed! Please open an issue if you have a suggestion, or post hem here


I felt like the upgrades were not satisfying enough, otherwise good job.


Basically open-source Crimsonland. Nothing necessarily bad or good about that. Not sure what else to say about it. Seems fairly well-built at least, didn't experience any bugs.