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A jam submission

Gunsun Zeros - Demo Day 20View game page

Mix guns and shoot robots!
Submitted by GearSting — 2 days, 13 hours before the deadline

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Yoo I had fun with it! I'd say you should look at level design if you want to fix being able to snipe enemies from a mile away. Just don't have those kinds of far sight lines in your level.


Enemies are much more durable than I am, it gets unfair really quickly when a couple spawns next to each other.

And grenade can't really hit air.


Thanks! You're right about those points. I don't want the enemies to die too quickly but they are much more deadly than they're supposed to be. I'll make their shots easier to dodge and lower the spawn rate and max spawned enemies.
I've increased the grenade hitbox size to make it easier to direct hit stuff and I'll add a second weapon slot so you can have a backup for tricky enemies.


So far it's just a third person shooter blueprint with some assets (which look pretty nice btw).

As i get it, you're leaning into the collect-parts-get-weapon system as your gimmick, but the combinations i've got all seemed pretty sameish in terms of power and useability.

Bullets also have an infinite range, so you end up sniping enemies from afar.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I suppose right now all the guns are just different projectiles other than the sky beam. I'll have to work on getting the more quirky weapons in.
I just nerfed the range on all the guns before I submitted the demo but I guess it wasn't enough, I really want to avoid sniping everything so that's REALLY helpful to know.